Venting at the Anti-vaccine (mostly religious “I’m a victim group”)

I read this and was thoroughly disgusted and outraged.

To compare themselves to the victims of the Holocaust is like missing a meal and seriously claiming starvation on par with the Ethiopian Famine.

Yah, the Jews (and others) could grocery shop, live in their homes, work, school and have a choice in the matter (give consent) under Nazi rule because it was a virus, a demonstrable evidenced social threat (to life, health-care and economy) that was at stake.

Fuckin’ idiots.

I told you in private, but it has to be discussed in here.

My wife has/had cataracts. She requires both eyes to have the cataracts replaced, scheduled fall of last year. But Covid backed everything up because many elective surgeries were postponed. During this waiting period her right eye became completly blind, the left not much better.

She finally had her right eye done about one month ago, the left scheduled this coming week. Post the first procedure, she was informed that the cataract had grown to the size where it was incredibly close to being to large to remove safely.

All of that delay, the incredibly close chance she would be blind was all down to the absolutely arrogant and selfish deniers who are keeping Covid very much alive.

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Something drastic should at least be discussed.

In the past there really were forced vaccinations and it’s time for that again.

Only properly documented medical exemptions - no religious exemptions ever should have even been considered.

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Our province has an 81,000 waiting list for surgeries because of the needless, excessive spread of Covid. :rage:

So that’s why so many Jews fled Nazi held countries - because the government wanted them to submit to horrific experiments before being allowed into nightclubs and skating rinks.