Uprising In Iran: At Least 83 Killed & Over 1,200 Arrested

When are fucking women going to learn their place? This is just insane. We have been telling them to stay in the damn kitchen, do the housework, stay sexy but show it to no one but their husbands, for over 6000 years. Now,. once again, they are directly responsible for riots in the streets, protests, and even deaths, just because they won’t keep a fucking piece of cloth over their fucking head. What in the hell do we have to do, build jail cells in our homes and keep them under lock and key to get them to follow a few simple rules? Only allow them to go outside when properly leashed and attached to a voting aged male. What in the hell is wrong with these women? It’s a man’s world and Allah/God knows best! Stop killing people and DO GOD’S WILL!



Really, I think men have gone out of their way to make it perfectly obvious what is appropriate and acceptable, and rejection of such is just intolerable belligerence which can only result in societal collapse…

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I know! You get this constant nag at home. Honey, can I go shopping for shoes today, honey can I go shopping for shoes today, honey can I go shopping for shoes today… So, finally, you give in. You go out and buy them a nice tent… um Burka… with the latest, in fashion, Hajib, just to protect her from the uncontrollable urges of men, and what in the fuck does she do? Waggles her face in public. She just walks around begging to be sexually assaulted. Why in the hell did I spend all that money on the Damn Burka when a $6 chain a sock and some tape would have worked just as well. Men need to start putting their feet down and get their women under control.

At least, that’s what I would say if I were a true believer.

Yes, if I was not sarcastic I would probably not be able to override my abhorrence and disgust directed towards that asinine horseshit religion. If I truly took it seriously, I would likely snap due to the runaway cognitive dissonance I would experience.

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Security forces have been caught on tape molesting female protesters. Just what the world needs, men who think their religion gives them the green light to molest women who don’t agree with their religions dictates. On the bright side, since they went viral on the internet there should be no problem finding the 4 male witnesses a women needs to accuse a man of molesting them in an islamic court. And here I thought that was a ridiculously high standard that a woman could never meet.


Shit, and I thought JWs were strict needing 2 witnesses to a crime. Fucking insane isn’t it?

Well that would be somewhat of a “Marsupial Judicature” don’t you think?

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Everyone knows Satan can make tapes show anything he wants them to show. Obviously Satan found the very best, most pious security guards in the bunch and is attempting to smear their good names. Nothing on security tapes can be trusted and people who have security tapes are obviously working for Satan and an Enemy of the State and an enemy of Allah! No true Muslim would ever own one.

It’s akin to being naked - prostitutes! :roll_eyes:

Sheeeesh! Who doesn’t know this. It’s the same as going bra-less in America, or, wearing hot pants. Everyone knows you are a prostitute.
Hot Pants

That’s how I got everything I have.

He’s encouraging the rape of women and girls in the name of religion. A perfect example of how monstrous religion can be. They dare to say atheists have no moral compass without religion. This is their idea of morality and they can keep it.

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Well YEAH…but you forgot to mention eye makeup…you know what that does to a normal male…

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Well — yes, of course, eye makeup, that goes without saying. And tattoos, nose rings, and lipstick, but we aren’t supposed to see those things behind the Hajib. I did fail to mention, public laughter though. Nothing is going to get a man’s juices flowing like women publicly laughing. Hajib or not, those women are begging for it.

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What about that come-hither eye contact that they are so free with? It just gets to be too much at some point…

Mr. Ed

Dude, you can see that ‘come hither’ eye contact through the hajib, something else got you that close in the first place.

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How much you wanna bet the wind was blowing really hard and caused her ankles to be exposed for a brief second or two? The sight of a female ankle would send ANY man’s loins into overdrive.

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I fucking hate religion.

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Especially if it’s a cankle, finding out where the calf ends and the ankle begins is half the fun!

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Oh fuck, I had a panty accident just reading that post.


It’s almost like they think they can think without a man to tell them what to think. Think.

Seriously, though, it’s easy to type here, ironically, in support when they’re dying. Sign a petition or click some "Like"s or something - that’ll get it sorted.