Unconscious learning underlies belief in God, study suggests

What do you think of this study?

I’m not surprised that people who see patterns everywhere, are more likely to be the ones who see god everywhere. When I look into the universe; I see rampaging nuclear chaos.


Not surprised.

There is a well known human tendency to impose patterns/ meaning where there is neither. My interpretation is that human beings have innate needs for meaning and control. It is probably these needs (and others) which resulted in a belief in a spiritual realm, with everything having a spirit , perhaps in the neolithic or earlier.

As tribal chiefs and leaders realised these beliefs could be an excellent form of control, organised religions emerged. IMO organised religion has always been about control and personal power.

“To the ordinary man the gods are real, to the wise man, foolish, to the ruler, useful”. (anon)


The term is pareidolia. Hence people see bunny rabbits in that cloud, Jesus on a piece of toast or faces in photos of the Martian surface…