UAE 🇦🇪 more humane policies

Wow!!! Great news for any group moving towards a more humane way of governing humans.

Regarding UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan under Taliban, etc., I think a more correct description of such a move would be “slightly less inhumane”.

The UAE specifically have moved in a more humane direction.

I stand by my assessment.

It’ll be an improvement if they don’t arrest women for reporting rape. I believe the charge was for having sex out of wedlock. The ignorance in that way of thinking is bottomless. They even let woman drive now and have finally released (after several years) a woman who advocated for it. Cynical me wonders if it has more to do with wanting to improve their image for the tourist industry than it does for human rights. Ah well, take what you can get.

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Of course it does! Only financial motivation here… but that’s OK when women especially may start to benefit somewhat socially.

UAE, like many Gulf states, understand that one day the oil will run out. So they are positioning themselves as tourist destinations, using their oil money to build spectacular hotels and other tourist destinations.

Superficially they appear to be open and progressive. But are they? That question will remain unanswered for many decades.

Personally I am unconvinced.

UAE, open and progressive?

This may depend upon who’s metrics are being used, in my experience and observation.

The Sheikhs might say their women are doing just fine.

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