Trying to send a mesage to White

Have been trying to send a message to white, but the system won’t let me. I wanted to talk about your painting, because I paint too. (poorly,and I’m not being modest)

So I’ll stick to your experience with the open door. Here in Oz, that’s called ‘sheer arse’

Just think of the mileage you could have gotten with it if you were still a JW!

I used to park my wonderful Datsun 1600 some distance from work. One day I returned to find some prick had stolen my front bumper bar. Had the new on welded on. Six months later,my hubcaps went missing. Not the kind of thing I tend to mislay,so probably stolen.

So,I rejoice for you and your experience. Why did it happen? Because such things happen all the time,. Why to you? That’s easy;why NOT you? Going by your posts I’ve read you are as deserving of ‘good fortune’ as any. More than some.

Hover your mouse pointer over her name, and click on it. A box pops up, and it has the option to “Message”

I did that. Kept telling me to open a new tab,which I did, wasn’t able to finish.

I’ll message you first then you can reply