Trailer full of burned Bibles outside TN church

Someone burns bibles by a church and they’re calling it a “hate crime”.

Police in Tennessee are investigating after a trailer full of Bibles was found burning near a church on Easter.

Mt. Juliet police officers and firefighters responded to the fire on a street outside of the Global Vision Bible Church around 6 a.m. Sunday, March 31.

After the flames were extinguished, deputies with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) took over the investigation. The department said the trailer had been dropped off in the middle of the intersection and then “intentionally set on fire.”

Now that’s funny, I thought it said babies, not bibles. I was all horrified and intrigued, and now I am just meh! :thinking:

FYI I don’t condone burning books ever, even fictitious books filled with horrific hate crimes, like the bible. :wink:

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Agreed. I might have rescued a nice one for personal use had I seen the blaze. A Bible full of lies and contradictions is easier to debunk and harder to defend than a mythical bible full of lies and contradictions. I say, “Keep those babies hanging around.”


I guess god was too busy to intervene when all of these bibles went up in smoke, unlike in this case:

This reminds me of a joke…

My grandmother always used to say, “slow and steady, wins the race.”

…she died in a house fire.

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Or this classic:

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”

…Pay no attention to that if you’re into skydiving.

Just for a little background, Greg Locke is infamous for burning books so someone returning the favor isn’t impossible to imagine. I’m afraid Locke is quite a show boater though so him staging the Bible burning to make the news isn’t hard to imagine either. His sermons would be hilarious if they weren’t so dangerous. He does things like threatening to expose the witch among the congregation and that all disease and sickness is caused by demons and offering to go to a mental hospital and cure everyone. The latest is that him and his wife (second wife, the first one having been unceremoniously dumped for his secretary) have been proclaimed apostles. Does it sound like I’m making this shit up? I wish I were.

It is absurd because everytime their Bible is burnt in a disaster house fire they go " our Bible survived completely intact this is the proof that our Christianity is the true and only right religion " however also them when a Bible is burnt by someone to protest their religious and political oppression " our holy book is burnt by a horrible bigot this is proof that Christians are the most discriminated group on the planet we suffer the most hate crimes " yet they ignore anti-Semitic, homophobic or other hate crimes and they want to impose their oppressive religious political laws on society by making gay marriage and abortion illegal but whine and complain that they are somehow the most target religious group on earth :roll_eyes::unamused:.


I’d be more concerned with the notion a deity turns a blind eye to all the unnecessary suffering, including its adherents who perished in the fire, but allegedly took time out to save a book. Luckily it’s a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy anyway. I mean if a copy of the koran survived a fire then Muslims would likely make the same claim, and Christians would ignore it, that’s the problem with irrational beliefs in magic that involve selection bias, you can basically cherry pick anything to suit your claims.


Sssh Shelley I have a nice line in asbestos Bibles and Korans…want in?


That’s a hard pass, thank you. Any chance you have fire proof kindles? Or should I just go ahead and pray that the fire that immolates me, spares my kindle? Then others (Jeff Bezos presumably) can ponder which deity performed that miracle. :thinking: