Timely advice from the Public Service Cockatoo

Probably a waste of time but as a teetotaller parrot I offer the following as an encouragement for exercising some discretion over the holidays to keep from falling off your perches. I prefer uncured opium seeds.

Moderation. I do not oppose drinking and other stuff like that, but I do understand taking that too much and getting absolutely blasted is harmful not only for the body but societally.

And for fuck’s sake, never drink and drive. Take a cab, use a designated driver, take the bus, just don’t make this holiday season one of regret.

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Right now I’d happily take the pledge, tonight over dinner however will probably be a different story, as it was last night. Which is why right now I’d happily take the pledge…:grimacing:

Ah well, no gain without pain. :sunglasses:

Sköl! Na Zdravia! Cheers! To your health!