Thoughts on Christian Private Schools?

If they’re teaching kids this kind of bullshit. The government shouldn’t let them do it. It doesn’t look like kids are getting an actual education based on the facts. It seems they’re just put through those schools to cement their indoctrination into Christianity and learn a ton of incorrect information. And when they get out and their indoctrination is challenged by someone who was put through REAL SCHOOL, then they have problems accepting anything.

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The Hutterite colony - they all laughed and mocked me when I told them I went and visited the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller.

Private schools still need to meet Provincial standards. And a grade 8 level or grade 10 to function (if not pursued to grade 12 but you are limited to employment). The colony does to grade 8.

This can also happen with homeschooling.

A challenge for these folks, which are few and far between, grouped together in most cases - is the same as with anyone who either willfully neglected their education or “believed” they were taught accurately.

Adults need to cure their “dumbing-down” instead of bitching about it (or bragging about how much they know).

That is some scary fucking shit, these people are crazy. I thought schools could only use text books that were approved by the education dept. in that state/province? I went to catholic school for 9 years, and we were never taught anything as stupid as that shit.

In our province you can go “parent directed” and have to submit your materials for approval.

It’s possible that this example, the parents or “private” school sent false curriculum to the State/Province.

It could happen.

It would be a rare one off…most likely to infuriate the general public in regards home-schooling or religious schools.

Germany does not allow home-schooling, which I disagree with.

I also have twice a year visits from an education facilitator. They are to ensure that education is going on.

My wife attended a private Christian school from kindergarten all the way through graduation. Literally had to pass a bible class every year to graduate. Knows the bible better than anybody I know. Even better than some preachers, I suspect. Which, ironically, is one of the main reasons she became Pagan many years ago. :joy::joy::joy: Moreover, she was also highly instrumental in helping ME escape the bonds of my Christian indoctrination. Still, I have to agree that it is disturbing what some children are “taught” (or NOT taught, in some cases) in our schools these days.