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I’ve recently been debating in the YouTube comment section, with a user who goes by the username ‘God’s Girl’

I thought I’d show you a video she sent me, because I found it truly astonishing that anybody could buy the nonsense it spews, notice how the narrator speeds up at the end, so as to not let you think about his previous statement.

This is clearly, at least to me, deliberate, dishonest and misleading. A prime example of the brainwashing that occurs within churches.

I love the way he equates the mostly perfectly reasonable claims in Polly’s letter to the bibles endlessly outrageous claims. God impregnating a virgin with his son because he can’t figure out a better way to forgive the flawed humans he’s created, and then said son rises from the dead? Even Polly’s claim that that Jim lifted a car off a child has lots of evidence of having been done by others under that kind of extreme duress.

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I don’t need to watch another Religious video to be amazed at the idiotic bullshit nonsense some preacher / apologist proposes. As stupid as you think your video is… I can top it and someone will be able to top anything I post. The religious shit really is that fucking scary.

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Agreed Cog - don’t need to watch another … they had me at “Is the Bible Trustworthy”

Fuckin’ depends on your level and reasons for “trusting”.

Nope. Don’t trust it to be “God’s Word”.
Yup. Trust it to be man’s incessant ramblings.

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I got 23 seconds in, and couldn’t stop laughing, even the graphics were hilarious… :laughing:

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Funny as fuck…

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I must really be damned. I watched it twice and read the transcript several times and I’m still an atheist!
The gist of the entire video is condensed around 3.00 to 3.30 in which he claims the writers of both Old and New testaments, as the quotes to 1 Kings and 2 Peter clearly show, didn’t let themselves be fooled by rumour, innuendo or lies when they wrote about these incredible things, so they must be true.
I feel motivated to start a Church of Lil’ Jim…

Nop, couldn’t take it after the opening line…moron.

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I feel your pain, he opens with a bare claim for prophesy in the bible.

So basically someone allegedly writes down a claim, then someone allegedly writes years later that the claim happened in the way previously written.

No evidence for either event, no explanation of how this represents evidence for a deity.

It’s the much vaunted theistic rationale, of can’t explain x, therefore goddidit.

So an argumentum ad ignorantiam fallacy then, for those who understand what that is. Dear oh dear…and he leads with that, so that rationally infers it’s his best reason for his belief, I mean why would anyone not open with the most compelling evidence they claim to have.