This sound familiar?

How many times have you had this said to you when debating godbotherers?

I feel sorry for you.
I’ll pray for you.
Someone must have molested you as a child.
Why are you so angry.
God is watching everything you do and he doesn’t approve.
Eternal fire awaits you. Good luck with that.

They appear to be standard obligatory relies and arguments, at least they are for them.
To an atheist they are meaningless and show a total ignorance to atheism but they persist.

Feel free to add or say something.

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This says a lot… :smirk:

To me those are religious insults. I’ve heard the “I’ll Pray For You” & “Jesus Died For Your Sins” remark more times than I can count. The Christian saying them isn’t trying to empathize with our position because they’re hinting that “you’re going to hell if you don’t believe in HIM”

That or they’re insulting you and rubbing it in that they’re going to their imaginary “heaven” and you’re not. It’s kind of like saying “If you don’t believe in my god then fuck you.” to which I would reply “fuck you too buddy” If they want you to believe in their god then they have a Burden of Proof and they need to prove with objective evidence that their god is real. I have no reason to believe in any kind of deity let alone practice a religion that promotes a god or gods.

The “you don’t believe in god so you’re going to hell” remarks It really doesn’t mean anything to me anymore because I concluded a long time ago that all deities were fictional. There’s no evidence of any kind. That’s like saying If you don’t believe in Santa Claus, he’s not going to bring you anything for Christmas.

I agree with you Bob, most Christians do show a total ignorance of what Atheism is. Most of them won’t even look up the definition because they don’t agree with it. It doesn’t fit in with their bs religious views.

A lot of Christians really don’t know what Atheism is. They think they do. But from what they’ve explained to me after I’ve told them that I was an Atheist and I didn’t believe in their god they go onto tell me their bullshit home brewed version of “Atheism” is that we secretly believe; that we’re rebelling against their “god”, they think we’re mad at the “lord” ,that we just want to be dirty, that we have the devil in us, or that we’re witches. All of which is pure bullshit.

The true definition is that Atheism is the disbelief in the existence of deities and the rejection of all religion and superstitious belief.

For many atheists, it is a long and lonely road we walk until we discover what religion is all about. And for those people, we have to use rational thinking and a critical examination of the facts.

Too many theists are raised and conditioned from birth that there is a god, no question, mike drop. I know, I lived in such an environment.

So they attempt to rationalize why a person became an atheist, and instead of listening to an explanation why atheists are what they are, come up with their own reasons because they fail to exercise their brains and rational thinking when it comes to religion.

One more important factor. I left religion for good reasons. Most atheists do. Too many theists do not understand that they should park their beliefs when it comes to examining important issues.

To them we are rejecting god, but the truth is we are rejecting lies and bullshit.

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Pascal’s Wager is an often-used ploy and “rationale”. I had never even heard of Pascal’s Wager until right around the time I joined the AR. Looking back over my indoctrinated years, however, I now know that was a major factor in keeping me shackled to my religious chains. “But what if I’m wrong?”… No matter how much I questioned… No matter how many things made NO SENSE to me… No matter how much I learned that totally countered so many things in the bible… That ONE question always rang in my head and pulled me back in. In my mind it was, “Well, maybe it IS all a bunch of bullshit. I don’t know. But I suppose it is better to be safe than sorry.” No telling how many times I told myself that over the course of several decades.

Knowing what I know now, however, here is the hilarious irony of Pascal’s Wager most people rarely consider: As I was taught, the god of the bible knows EVERYTHING. Knows how you feel and knows what you think even better than you do. Matter of fact, that god knows everything you will think, feel, do, say throughout your ENTIRE LIFE, and it knew these things eons before you were ever born. BUT!.. “Even though I have doubts and don’t really believe this god is real, I’m gonna FOOL this god by pretending to believe in it, just in case it IS real. Surely it will never know the difference.”


One I have heard when pointing out that I was a Christian before I realized the extent of my self-deluding thinking which I was subscribing to, is that “you were not a true Christian or a true believer”.(no true Scotsman). This is of course an absurd deflection from the fact that not one single piece of evidence has ever been provided that can demonstrate the existence of any God, as well as being a logical fallacy.
The arrogance of all of these pronouncements is breathtaking. The fear of being wrong is so strong in some people that no logical argument will get through the myriad of non-nonsensical thought processes.

Funny thing is, in my case somebody would likely be correct in saying that about me. I don’t think I ever fully bought into the whole thing. Unfortunately, I was stuck far enough into it that the thought of NOT FULLY believing was just too difficult to comprehend and too scary to fully contemplate.

What I find highly amusing, however, is the people who use the “That person wasn’t a true Christian,” excuse totally fail to see the supreme irony (pun intended) of their statements on so many different levels. Just to name a couple:

  1. Several thousand different Christian sects (most all using the same bible) can’t be wrong.

  2. “Only GOD can judge the heart of a man.” Unless, of course, that man does not believe in God in the same way you do. THEN it is perfectly fine to judge the hell out of him.

Funny because it’s true. :joy:

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My standard response is " I’ll see you in hell then", or go fuck yourself, twice.

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Well ironically, it is impossible to fully buy into something so antithetical to facts and truth. You can only convince yourself to limited degree of a thing which does not comport with a demonstrably workable concept of reality.

Me and my daughter were talking about Atheism women’s rights, North Korea, America nose diving into becoming a Christian theocracy, her being on student council at a Chinese buffet. And someone paid for our dinner and said they were “looking out for me.” whatever the fuck that meant. I felt that it meant something the way the cashier worded it. What does it mean? Maybe I’m thinking too much into it. For fucks sake random kindness comes off insulting sometimes when you dont know the purpose behind it.

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I will keep you in my thoughts today…

Should I go down to the local church and put in a prayer request for you?

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Yes, you should as it would be the Christian thing to do.

Nooooo! :rofl:

Have you had those rabid godbotherers say

“I feel sorry you were molested as a child”.

Where would that come from and its odd they should say that when clergy are noted for paedophilia. If I were molested, by a clergy, why would they feel sorry and simultaneously support them?

@Bobthedog Because they don’t really care. Religion is a business. The high up religtards are all about self image and lip service. They’ll say anything. That’s all they do is bullshit. As long as it continues to benefit them they will keep doing it. They prey on people’s beliefs and take advantage of them. It’s pretty pathetic.