This being sucks

This being is glibly punishing me for “sexual sin.” What a fucking psycho! This being is having me carry the unwanted pregnancy of a stranger…does this make any Goddamn sense? This being is insane and delusional and deranged

Yea, I hate when that happens. I probably have three alien babies now that I have never seen;. What I really hate is when they come down in the third trimester, take your body apart, remove the alien baby, and then put you back together again as if nothing had ever happened. They always get everything about half a centimeter off and it takes me months to adjust, by then, FUCK, I’m pregnant again and the whole process starts all over. Sucks to be human doesn’t it.

Do what Cog and I did - sell and eat the offspring. I :purple_heart: the Far East and their food standards :shallow_pan_of_food:

Well - to be accurate- Cog kept all the money :dollar: and the meat didn’t make it pass Customs.

Raise that little shit for body parts. The Chinese are paying premium prices for good body parts these days.

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