This being is really hurting me

This being is really hurting me…I’ve spent and wasted the last 4 years suffering and in torture without even a penny of compensation! I DESERVE INFINITELY TIMES BETTER THAN THIS! I am a woman…I don’t want to be a slave anymore! I don’t want to be just a mouthpiece or a pawn or vessel or anything sick like that! By this being perpetuating whatever sick thing this is, it is denying my humanhood and personhood and womanhood! This being is a predator and I’m the prey - I hate its creepy eyes on me! Some violent maniac…Someone commented that I must be in an abusive relationship - that abuser is God. He is my abusive boyfriend (ex) and husband…beware everyone! I hate being alone with this being and am scared of it…I derive no joy, no happiness, no peace, no calmness, no comfort from being with this being. What a monster! UGH. This being is a douchebag and a cockroach…This being is a jerk. I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way. It is degrading and demeaning to be with this being. This being is a Lucifer’s footstool and servant! A violence-driven fiend and monster and an idiot! It makes me want to puke. I didn’t give this being a pass to ruin my Life - a young woman’s Life. By inviting this being into my Life, I have somehow allowed violence, misogyny, suffering, torture, terrorism and just disgusting bullshit! This being should be prevented from having contact with people! I shut my heart out to this being - this being doesn’t deserve me.

Get back to the other threads.

You keep starting new ones to say the same thing. You haven’t identified anything yet.

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Beans hurt me too. I love them but … damn… they are torture on poo flinging beasts. I can’t even pick up a good bean discharge because it merely drips through my fingers.

I’m a little confused about your post however. You are getting hurt for 4 years and you want some financial compensation? Umm… shouldn’t you discuss price before the fun begins. I mean, you can’t just all of a sudden begin demanding money for the past when money was never discussed before. I suggest you start now. Something like "If you want this relationship to continue, you have to pay me $25 a night. Hell, you will be rich in no time.

Do you think we’re being trolled? Why would a person come to an atheist site for help with such a problem, at least as it’s kind of described?

If not , nothing much anyone can do without some precise information…


Lee, if you truly are in distress, I suggest you reach out to the police, a doctor, or a suicide hot line.

We can not be of assistance to one who is not willing to allow us to help.

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This is not medical advice and it is not a substitute for medication.

In fact before I go any further you should talk to your doctor about antipsychotic medication. The kinds they have these days are very good with few extra pyramidal side effects.

However, the following advice has helped me and might help you. It’s offered also by therapists in the management of anxiety and panic.

What is it? Focus on your breathing diaphragm. Try to identify the region directly behind the bottom of your rib cage.

Release any built up tension there.

This is a meditative technique known to stop discursive and unskillful thoughts immediately.

It may help you. But, listen to the people here. You sound like you’re suffering from a severe psychotic break.

You’re best option is to go to your doctor and discuss medication options.

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…then return here and tell us what god told you!


I think you deserve to be a woman too, All you have to do is keep saving your money. You know the surgery is cheaper in Thailand.

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You go for it girl!!

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Ok colleagues are now staring at me…


Reminds me of an old joke probably politically incorrect or just insensitive.

Two sheiks were having a coffee, one complains to his friend that eunuchs for his harem had become dreadfully expensive to obtain.

Friend: Expensive? Not at all, I make my own eunuchs.
First Sheik : Really, how on earth do you do that?
Friend: (demonstrating); You get two house bricks see----
First Sheik: Oh, doesn’t that hurt?
Friend: Not at all—as long as you remember to keep your thumbs on the top. :japanese_ogre: