Theocratic rule - honour killing

Yes the Canadian spelling of “honor” :wink:

Marriage at age 12. Forced. That in itself is sickening and obviously :roll_eyes: an accepted practice??? Mind you, if she was raped (speculation) that was then God’s “solution”.

Fuck, that is so sick and sad.

There are many pictures of this sadistic and sick incident, and the asshole is actually grinning.

This has nothing to do with honor, unless subjugating women is honorable in their minds.

Not all Iranians are like that, nor Muslims. I have a few friends from Iran, they are nothing like that. And I know a wonderful married couple from Pakistan who, although militant against transgressors (for example child molesters) who are very reasonable, generous, and kind.

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Quote “Many in Iran have blamed the Islamic legal system as well as the country’s patriarchal culture and traditions for fostering an environment that allows for such a killing,…”

And …”She expressed hope that pending legislation on the Protection, Dignity And Security Of Women Against Violence would prevent such horrific crimes in the future.”

That is so fucked up in so many ways, unbelievable.

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I hate religions that permit able-bodied ignorant adult men to dominate, threaten, torture, and kill the women and children under their control on the supposed authority of their ridiculously imagined gods. It has nothing to do with any sort of paternal divinity or wisdom but only with unfettered selfish egos and love of violence. And there are mere shades of difference of this misogynistic and misopedic ignorance in every religion.


Definitely. A few days ago I was observing a conservative jew, his wife never walked in front of him, she wore modest black clothing. I have seen Muslim immigrants, the men suddenly sporting flashy clothing and jewelry (they looked like pimps) while their women must wear the traditional hajib and such.

Those are examples, it is practiced by almost every religion and all places. You just have to look, and question.


Just another expression of God’s love and Justice. (Or is it humanities’ stupidity?) Imagine, but for the sake of birth and circumstance, any one of us could be a part of the bullshit going on in the most ignorant parts of the world. And some of us, having escaped our own brand of ignorance, how do we not look back and think it could have been me? I hear shit like this and am amazed at how I have come to be who I am and look to the human race in horror at who I could have been.


It disgusts me that people such as Muslims still murder each other over fairy tales. I really wish people will let go of these things and move on to a healthier lifestyle where women don’t get beat and murdered over stupid shit.