Theocracy will end American Democracy

He (tRump) reminds me of this guy…

BUT - “sightings abounded” for decades.

Later that year a giant penguin was allegedly sighted at distance. The huge bird was described as 15 feet (4.5 meters) tall, and havingalligator-like feet. During this same period, people in a boat off the Florida gulf coast reported seeing an extremely large penguin-like bird floating on the water. These incidents were reported in several newspapers. Later that year, another huge, penguin-like bird was allegedly seen from an airplane on the banks of the Suwannee River in northern Florida. The sighter, zoologist Ivan T. Sanderson, declared that the creature was a giant penguin that had somehow been driven away out its natural habitat.

There is nothing more corrupt than an investigation that is in desperate search of a crime. tRump (latest rant after learning he’s under criminal investigation - damn tax returns)

This is my take - we need a third party! I supported Trump on strong border and fighting for America in economic fairness with rest the world. But, I most definitely want RID of CHRISTIAN DOGMA! I would side with a socialist to get rid of Christianity! We have too many issues to be crammed into two choices.

Unfortunately, most in the US see things in a binary fashion. They believe they have just one of two choices. And that also leads me to the opinion that in the US, people are not truly “free”, but instead allowed just one of two choices that are placed in front of them.

I don’t think they would want you. You have to know what one is first.


Two of which are Australia and the US. EG I wonder how the US would cope if suddenly there were no illegals to do the shitty jobs few Americans will do for such shit money.

Here in Oz some produce growers are having a problem because there are few backpackers to exploit due to Covid 19…

Yair, Australians have always had an ethnic group or race to hate:

When I was a gossoon, it was catlics vs proddies, then it was the Brits. Around the same time it was the Greeks, Italians, Maltese and anyone else who did not speak English. In the 1980’s it was the Vietnamese refugees. For 20 0dd years it’s been Muslims. My government has had a shameful policy of off shore detention ( sometimes for years) of refugees arriving by boat. This policy has bipartisan support and Joe Sixpack thinks it’s just fucking dandy.

As far as I’ve been able to tell, Xenophobia exists to some degree in most countries. I think it must once have had an evolutionary advantage.

They key phrase today is “controlled”. Pretty simple world you’d think. But in practice, it tends to be a matter of degree; let in everyone who wants to come, have a generous (?) quota, have niggardly quota (?) or close one’s borders. (you know, as the allied powers did to Jews at the beginning of WW2)

Ona pragmatic level, the arguments are economic and political. Some have merit, some do not. The more draconian the measures, the more the politicians appeal to the deep fears, prejudices and hatreds of their electorates.

I devised a simple test for the so-called bleeding heart liberal (assuming they answer truthfully) : “Are you willing for the have-nots to have more if that means you personally will have less?” If they answer is in the affirmative, ask fort specifics; how much less, or what?

Universal equity would I think mean the end of the middle classes, but arguably not the upper classes. I don’t say equality, Because I do not believe such a thing exist in human terms.

—It’s 0924 here. Now I’m off to wash my decking to prepare for oiling. After that, I’m still considering doing a clean install of my five year old iMac.

I am afraid that the reply (even I may) would be “I am not here to lose, I am here to assist them, to improve their quality of life”. It is a noble sentiment, but it also allows greed to continue to rule the minds and hearts of men.

Now that I have offered a quick and probably hasty reply, this is a question I must ponder in all of it’s possibilities.

Ted Cruz is in love with the Russian military.

Hated the (recruitment video) of the young woman’s story that brought her to the military (you know, to recruit millennials)…

The implication being “not as tough :angry::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So…compare a 17 year old female fighting for her cause/country in Yugoslavia against the Nazis. She was a resistance fighter. Was hung by the Nazis after they unsuccessfully tortured and interrogated her for info on the underground (for days).
Her last words “ "I am not a traitor of my people. Those whom you are asking about will reveal themselves when they have succeeded in wiping out all you evildoers, to the last man. "

NOW compare her to Teddy Cruz🧸 - he couldn’t even defend his wife and stuck his head far up the tRUMP. Oh, and I’m leaving out his role in the whole “insurrection” fiasco.

He is in no position to judge those that enlist or “paint some propaganda picture” of what military service should look like or be.

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Ohhh -
ONE more point! Would good old Teddy join an organization where he knew ahead of time the chances of getting butt fucked against his will was high?

WOMAN in the military assess this and still enlist with the hope of having/receiving respect (bodily). It’s getting “better” and the shit is getting flushed…

…reading some other articles about their auditing processes :flushed: (Cyber Ninjas :ninja: lol from Florida)

Jesus Fuckin’Christ. No agenda there. Only a well trained team that have worked with election audits and the need for verifications through processes. From what I’ve read - they’re counting on the individual human ability to accurately see, record and determine intent/fraud with no one double checking their inputs.

Machine gizmo set up flashing in 4-5 seconds a ballot for the person to manually mark that ballots vote (hahahahaha)

Nah - actual pic… of the VOLUNTEERS

‘they’ll git that shit right!!!


@Whitefire13 One thing I can say about those, who perpetuate this stolen election conspiracy:

You can't fix stupid

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George Carlin, just about my favourite stand up comedian;

Here he explains that he worships the sun, but prays to joe Pesci. If you watch until the end, you’ll see why the Betty White photo made me think of this clip.

About prayer to an all powerful deity who has a divine plan; “If it’s all a part of a divine plan, and god’s going to do what he wants anyway, why pray?”


It seems like ego to me, the arrogant delusion that a deity with limitless power and knowledge would care what you want, and possibly so they can use selection bias and post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacies, to claim it worked when things pan out in their favour.

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@boomer47 My favorite part was “What’s the point of being God, if every rundown schmuck with a two dollar prayer book, comes along and fucks up your plan?!??!”

That is the funniest part of the video.


@Sheldon That plus the arrogance of theists, who act like they can read God’s mind and know what is so-called “Divine Will” is. Such arrogance is unbecoming for one, who seeks spiritual salvation!!!

Money is nothing (but faith). But, if a lot of people lose faith, it’s value drops. So, the dollar is becoming less of a long term investment tool. Just spend it. Use gold as your stash, bc the dollar is less dependable


Your random capricious grammar is making my eyes hurt. It’s bad enough that you breeze in here, and spew out your vapid sweeping rhetoric, while dishonestly ignoring all objections and questions, but this egregious grammatical assault on the senses is simply too much…

Ffs, is this random punctuation a secret joke?

Is there more to this inanity, or does your full stop key only work in the middle of sentences?

To me this looks like some sort of red herring fallacy, perhaps with a hint of ad hominem.