The ugly truth - God is not Love

What kind of a monster would take advantage of, exploit and deceive a young woman with PTSD? I don’t understand it - this is beyond my comprehension…this is sheer Evil. Only an Evil being would perpetrate something like this…this being is a Goddamn lunatic and I’m so miserable…nothing really good has come out of me being in this religion (cult) the last 7 years…This being is really hurting me. I hate this being. I wish it would die!

Greetings, iriss7480,

Is this young woman you? And which cult is this? Please let us know so we can all stay away from them.

(An interesting sidebar note: The only difference between a religion and a cult is 50 years.)

'God is not love; is as much as a tautology as ‘god is love’ and just as meaningless.

As for your question, nobody has ever been able to justify the existence of evil and suffering.

I’m truly sorry for your anguish and despair. A life long depressive, the only positive thing I can tell you is that it will pass, I promise.

You haven’t said your country. Nowing that might enable people to make concrete suggestions to help you…


Have you reached out for help as was suggested?

Starting a new thread can be confusing - perhaps stick to the one that has your whole story.

welcome to you @iriss7480 many greetings:
Thank you for sharing with us, but could you please explain more about that cult?
In my opinion all religious people have really critical problem in thinking appropriately, I remember When Sara Hegazi, suicided, she had PTSD and Muslims didn’t stop bothering her in social media and her personal accounts, even when some people tried to write about her in Wikipedia middle east, the MENA region team removes the Wiki article because they see that is against the culture of Muslims in MENA region and that was so bad, they spreading their hate and ignorance in all platform even Wikipedia :pensive: :pensive: