The Return of the Ancient Gods

Our society and world has experienced some drastic changes in the recent decades. It’s getting to the point where even secular people are starting to realize that all this is getting weirder and weirder. But there is an explanation for all this. The Dark trinity has returned in the western world. Baal, Ishtar and Molech have returned. If you would like to read more and understand, Jonathan Cahn has an excellent book on this and as well there are plenty of videos online of him talking about this. Highly recommend looking up the interview with Vlad Savchuk and Jonathan Cahn.

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  • Extreme poverty is declining. …
  • Hunger is diminishing. …
  • Life expectancy is rising. …
  • Child mortality is down. …
  • Death in childbirth is declining. …
  • Students are staying in school longer. …
  • Literacy is increasing. …
  • Moore’s law has thus far proven true.

What planet are you on? Religion and ignorance are on the decline in the USA.


The argument from weirdness?
What are the units/dimensions of weirdness; and how many “weird points” does Weird Al have?


Thank GOD - I thought they’d never return. Those guys really know how to PARTY!!

Hey sphincterforchrist, what is wrong with these characters? Is Jesus coming back to pour raining lava on them?


Dear Sprinter,
it may be a shock, so sit down.

Ready, got a nice glass of soda? Mummy is making cookies. Listen:

'Murica is NOT the centre of the world ok? Let that sink in for a moment. It may be the most powerful nation at the moment, but think, where are the Brits right now on their tiny splintered island? The French? The Thousand Year Reich, The Holy Roman Empire? The Romans FFS?

No gods required, things change, wealth and people change attitudes and fight silly wars. It is what happens.

Mind, if your Texas Taliban gains much more influence, your time as a democratic world power is very much numbered. NO GODS REQUIRED. OK? It’s what has happened a thousand times in history.

Now grab your milk and cookies and get yourself to bed. Mummy will be up later to kiss you good night and make sure your Goofy night light is on. Sweet dreams poppet. There are no gods to frighten you.


This is merely a matter of perception, there is no objective reason to believe the last few decades differ from others significantly in this regard, drastic changes occur throughout human history.

What a truly risible claim to make up, I’d love to see you attempt to demonstrate something beyond a bare claim for that howler. Incidentally I could be described as a “secular person” and I have realised no such thing.

This forum is for debate, so instead of spamming books, why don’t you present some objective evidence to support your claims, or for any deity or deities? I’m guessing we won’t be hearing from you again though. Another drive by proselytising.


Here is us short video explaining it

Here is the truth about them

Here it explains it

There are some interesting points to be inferred from the original post.

I’ve seen an intensely interesting Youtube video (I have to track it down again) where the content creator argues (quite effectively) that the Satanic Temple will become a symbol of freedom and equality, as this organization supports LGBTQ equality, access to healthcare, abortion, and birth control. The Satanic Temple also advocates for freedom of religion.

His point is that the Satanic Temple may actually become more spiritually appealing to a populace who sees the evil of repressing marginalized people.

So . . . Satan is starting to become a symbol of light, freedom, and equality.

I’ll hunt the video down and post it here.


This video I think can explain certain things a little better than I can


Can you give us a summary of the contents of this and the other videos, together with the central point(s)? I refuse to discuss with a video. If you want a discussion, make a summary with your own words, and we can take it from there.


You’re trying to convince people who don’t believe in gods to believe in 3 more? You’re certainly ambitious. You’d have to show me evidence of the christian god first for me to believe in 3 more trying to usurp him.


Summed up in a sentence, this book describes how the United States, in kicking God out of the schools and public life in the 1960s, has since replaced the one True God with three ancient deities (Baal, Ishtar, and Molech), each of whom has wreaked havoc upon our culture and morality. The first bunch of chapters that describe the three demons, their background, and possible influence on our modern culture is admittedly fascinating. I don’t know how many times I’ve told my wife flat-out lately: “Our culture sucks!” And it’s not just the deification of the LGBTQ+ lifestyle and community and how it’s being forced into our homes everywhere we look. It’s the more subtle wackiness too, like our collective and sudden inability to define “woman” (a fascist fad which lasted whole year until Roe v. Wade was overturned, and women suddenly got their gender back). Truth hasn’t gone anywhere, but holy crap is it being attacked—-and with utterly flagrant nonsense!

So yeah, these first chapters absolutely drew me in and connected a lot of dots for me. Our culture has long been possessed by spiritual wickedness, and the demonic leaders behind it may very well have names (though I wouldn’t go as far as Cahn and call them out—see Jude 8-10). I believe that demons exist, that they can oppress, and that they can even possess the heart of an unbeliever. But those of us who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit of God have no room in the heart for such infiltration. While we certainly need to be wary of their influence, we’re called to do one thing when it comes to spiritual warfare: to protect ourselves and to stand in defense with Truth (see Eph. 6:10-20). For an excellent sermon on this passage and the difference between “deliverance” and “discipleship,” I recommend this short sermon by Dr. Greg Mazak.

Read the prophecies written in the bible and you’ll see that they are coming to fulfillment and that we are living in the times of return of Jesus Christ

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Please return to your seats, buckle your seat belts, and place your tray tables in the upright and locked position. We have entered an extreme patch of satanic panic and savior-ism. Oxygen masks may be deployed, do not panic. In the event of cabin depressurization please remember to secure your own mask before helping someone else with theirs.


We will be flying at an altitude of 7 thousand feet surrounded by mountains 10 to 12 thousand feet. Please keep your arms and legs inside the aircraft while the plane is in motion.




Once again an atheist doesn’t have anything to respond with besides nonsense, just like what there worldview is .