The old forum link now redirects here

You can find the old discussions at


Yay…now the theitards will come here. Wooooo.

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Will we still have to sign out twice? When I sign out here, I have been having to go to the old site and sign out there also.

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I’m setting up a redirect to the home page of the main site when you logout from here. So, you can logout from the main site in 1-click then.

Gracias, Senor… :blush:

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Anyone know where Tinman has gone?

Should we be worried?

Hey, Shelly. I’m still alive and well. I really do appreciate folks asking about me. Between the grandson and some volunteer work I’ve been doing lately, though, I barely have any spare time to mix it up in here. I do pop in now and then just to check what’s happening, but simply don’t have the time (or energy, sometimes) to get involved in the good discussions. Hoping things will settle down a bit in a few weeks. Meanwhile, y’all please give 'em a little extra hell from me out there. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I sincerely hope so, because the US elections will be over. I think I have a pretty good idea of what Donald will do if he loses the election, but really hope I’m wrong. Perhaps he’ll have an apoplectic fit, followed by a severe non fatal stroke.

Good to hear from you.