The Most High vs Evolution

Watch this video link, I hope it enlightens you

@Soldier4christ, this is a debate forum, not a pulpit. You have been warned.


Going out on a limb here, but I think this may be the most disingenuous statement ever made.
Soldier boy, you have amply demonstrated that enlightenment is the farthest thing from your mind.

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Evolution vs God…

Roll on up, roll on up, you incredulous fuck wits!

Behold! Our latest attempt to show how great Intelligent Design is, without showing any empirical and objective evidence to what this ‘designer’ is…

What’s that? You don’t want to hear arguments from those that have actually studied the field of evolution which is demonstrably proven… well, fear not!!! We will not only cherry pick arguments, we will also go at lengths to not allow evidence to the contrary to be available for you gullible oxygen thieves!!!

Don’t worry, this is straight to youtube and not taught in any school with educational integrity, not just because its complete and utter bollocks, but because its easier to reach out to the sort of morons that you all clearly are.

If you buy the deluxe editions from our site, we will not only throw in a Ray Comfort Banana, but we will also throw in a Ken Ham puke coloured Hawaiian shirt!

So roll up, roll up, you thick wankers! Give us your time and money as you’re clearly to stupid to own them…

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I went to watch it, but then quickly realized the narrator is the banana man: Ray Comfort. Not interested in wasting time watching a video made by someone who lies for a living.


False dichotomy fallacy, even were species evolution not an irrefutable scientific fact which it is, it would not remotely evidence any creation myth. Also Ray Comfort, the banana man, he couldn’t enlighten his own arse with a torch.

Also this is a debate forum, what you’re doing is preaching.

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There isn’t anything to be said on the topic of evolution vs. god on this, or any other YouTube video that we haven’t already heard a thousand times. Unless you’ve come up with some actual evidence, all you’re doing is wasting everybody’s time here.

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Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, S4C! :heart_eyes::two_hearts::heart_eyes: You have SO totally enlightened me with that most enlightening video presentation! How can I EVER repay you for such a wondrous gift of pure enlightenment? May God bestow his most wonderful blessings upon you for doing such a selfless job of bringing His loving enlightenment to our dark and dreary souls. Hallelujah! :innocent:

(Edit: @skriten (…whispering from corner of mouth)… Pssst… Hey, Skrit… What was in the vid?.. I didn’t have time to watch it… Just didn’t want Soldier Boy to feel useles

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I’ve actually got a question. Why in the world would any theist care about evolution? 1.3 Billion Catholics have made peace with it. “Evolution happened and that’s how God did it.” Half of the Christians have made peace with it. Evolution says nothing at all about religion. There is no reason at all evolution and creation could not have happened simultaneously. Evolution is a ‘theist red herring argument.’ Finally, if evolution was 100% wrong. A complete fabrication. Not one ounce of evidence that supported it. It would not mean anything to a God claim. Nothing. If evolution were completely wrong, it says absolutely nothing about the existence of a god. You would still have to demonstrate you God thing exists.


I thought that if I fairly reviewed both sides of this issue . . . and approached intelligent design with an open (but skeptical) mind, that I could make a difference . . . even if it’s only with one person.

But it seems that you can’t make headway against a zealot.

Very frustrating.

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I’m sorry —

What ‘both sides?’ Intelligent design is not a side. It is not a theory. I don’t believe it is even a hypothesis. It is an assertion made by religious communities. And this assertion is made without foundation. How do you elevate it to a ‘side’ and pair it with ‘evolution.’ One of the most accepted theories in biology? We might as well claim hamsters created the universe because it is designed. No wait! That won’t work. Blue universe creating bunnies did it. Obviously they did it because the universe appears designed. What a great argument and you want to pair that against evolution? Really?


I predict our OP has laid a turd to stink someone else’s house up, then made a hasty exit to drive away to his next filth bomb delivery.

How are things over in, soldier4halfpriced?


I agree with everything you’ve said . . . I was trying to be charitable, and contribute to a civilized dialog with someone who has an opposing viewpoint.

Carl Sagan once said that the only sacred truth is that there are no sacred truths . . . so I dignified his argument by calling it a “side” as a subtle demonstration of my open-mindedness . . . hoping that this would be a demonstration of good will by showing that I can examine criticisms against my own position.

Sadly, my efforts were meaningless.

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Well I have to say, it defininately was enlightening. Oddly enough, not in the manner you might have hoped for…let’s just say we have a new source for “amendments” for our gardens this year…
Edit (I sure hope Tin brought my shovel back)


A Turd? No wonder I didn’t notice. It got lost down there on the floor someplace.


I didn’t even push play. I don’t want to watch a video largely based on Christian Apologetics and the usual bullshit Watchmaker Analogies that Christians thumb. I heard that plenty of times when I went to church with mom and that was 17 years ago. I’ll not listen to @Soldier4christ preach the exact same bullshit on here. Preaching is not debating.

O yee of minuscule faith. Varyingly I sayeth at you proponents of sinful activities howeth woeful yee heathen souls are withouteth hearing the Words of The Lord! He, The Almighty, leadeth thouests into greener pastures! He, The Fisher of Men, filleth thouests cups overflowing with wine of prestigious vintage! YET!.. All yee doeth in gratitude is to guzzleth the wine until thou reacheth drunken stupor, and then shitteth and pisseth all about the pristine emerald lawns!

And noweth yee hasth the fortitude of enlarged cajones to DARE questioneth the beneficial power of SERMON? Mayeth The Lord haveth MERCY on your unclean heathen souls! :triumph:

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It’s mostly the bible literalists, e.g. the ones who think the world is 6000 years old, who oppose evolution because 6000 years is not enough time for evolution to have produced the diversity of life we see.

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Ray Comfort is a professional liar for creationism. One who moreover has embarrassed himself in public with several of his more idiotic proclamations.

The idea that I will be “enlightened” by this charlatan is a fantasy only a deluded mythology fanboy could entertain.

On the other hand, over 1½ million peer reviewed scientific papers document in exquisite detail, the evidence for evolution. This includes direct experimental test and verification of evolutionary postulates, and replication of speciation events in the laboratory.

Indeed, with respect to that latter topic, I describe one of those replicated speciation events in detail in this document, which I suggest you read, given that it covers the presentation of a relevant scientific paper in detail.

Oh, and while you’re at it, I’ve also provided this nice document describing how evolutionary processes are being pressed into service by scientists to produce useful products. Which would be impossible if creationist assertions were something other than the products of their rectal passages.

I susdect you’ll be too afraid of having your mythology fanboy bubble burst to read those documents, but I provide them precisely so that I can refer to them when people like you turn up with the usual bullshit assertions about evolution and related topics.


It makes no difference how old the earth is. That is a non-argument. God did it and just made the earth look older to blind the non-believers. Evolution has NOTHING to do with the existence of a God thing. It is a ‘red herring’ argument. Even if it was 100% wrong, it says nothing at all about the existence of a god. Just assume evolution did not exist. We still don’t know where we came from and there is still no information at all that can lead us to a God. The god claim still has not met its burden of proof.