The Irrational Ape

The Irrational Ape: Why Flawed Logic Puts us all at Risk and How Critical Thinking Can Save the World.

Hardly a catchy full title, but I wondered if anyone had read this? I’m about 15% in, whilst I’m familiar with the informal logical fallacies mentioned, it is brought to life by the real life examples, that the author narrates. So far I have to say, what could have been a dry boring read, has turned out to be fairly engaging.

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Cool :sunglasses: reading material…and it’s free? Let’s check.

Yes, yes it is! Thanks babe.

I can definitely use help with my logic skills and will have to check it out. It looks like something even people not too familiar with logic can enjoy. Perfect :slight_smile: Should I admit I’ve been getting most of my knowledge about logic from star trek cartoons?

Someone was once surprised by my knowledge of luddites. My original introduction to the term came from a Star Trek movie :slight_smile:

Why not? I received my training in logic from Bugs Bunny. No shit.

@Cognostic Thanks bud, already read first chapter, seems like a good read.

:roll_eyes: who started this thread again?



I must humbly beseech you for forgiveness, my inattention led me to omit you. Now I must do penance, and watch four hours of midget porn.

Seriously Sheldon, I really screwed up, I am sincerely sorry.

S’awright mun, I’m used to cog stealing my thunder, with his poo fling shenanigans.

Yah - well - YOU didn’t link a free book AND YOU aren’t as close to an “ape” as Cog! right?, honey

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You wanna borrow some of my stuff?

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I could never steal your thunder Sheldon. You are too well liked and too well placed in the community. Behind every monkey there is an organ grinder with a plan on how to use the little imp.


Anyone still reading this? It’s a startlingly good book, sadly I’m working ludicrous hours at the moment for extra cash before I’m laid off in May, so have limited time to read it, but it is very good.

Can’t recommend it highly enough.