The god & satan

The scriptures are the incubator and the great spawning house for producing fanatical generations.
Religion is tasked with raping people’s minds and programming them to serve illusions and the politics of religious gangs.
If you live in a religious Arab society, you will learn more about myths and corruption.
Religion confirms that atheism is a fact, while atheism proves that religion is a myth

It does not matter what religion, society finds ways to make corruption and myths. I grew up a christian, and we have a lot of that stuff.

Atheism is not a fact, it is just a position, that for most atheists religion has not convinced them a god exists.

Atheism does not prove anything. And you have now made a claim, that religion is a myth. Please prove a god does not exist. In your mind, you may be convinced, but the burden of proof now falls on you to prove to people like me (who has always held the god option open) that it does not exist.


No. Science will have to prove religion as a myth and so far Science is doing a great job doing that. It’s just going to take more time. Atheism doesn’t do that. Atheism is just a position disbelieving & questioning religion on it not giving adequate sufficient evidence for the claims being made in the holy books and by the followers of those religions. To me, I feel that it’s obvious that the mythology behind those religions is fictional. But to the followers, the mythology is a way of life and to them, its real. They grew up having that force fed down their throat the moment they started asking questions. You’re normally an Atheist until someone close to you walks in and tells you to quit being one and starts rapidly converting you to their religion.


First: Atheism is not a ‘Fact.’ Atheism does not make any claims.
Second: Religion confirms very, very, little and that is why there are atheists.
Third: Atheism does not prove anything. ‘Prove’ is a mathematics’ term best used in the paradigm of math for math problems. Perhaps you are asserting that Atheism provided evidence for the mythical status of religion. This may or may not be true. The term atheist is defined by the religios and not by the atheists. All non-believers are atheists. That is the meaning of the word atheist. A person that does not believe according to the Church, is an atheist. That qualifies new born babies, those people born in sin, as atheists. They do not have to think anything about religion to be an atheist. Ergo; your assertion that athiesm asserts the mythical nature of religion is demonstrably wrong.

Atheists are people who do not believe in gods. That’s it. End of story. I don’t have a clue what you are on about.