The God of Arepo

My daughter found this and forwarded to me.

You might like it.

maybe the graphic novel will work better.

unknown, likely a proper name, either invented or, perhaps, of Egyptian origin, e.g. coded form of the name Harpocrates or Hor-Hap (Serapis).

What’s the ruckus? I can’t read it.

When I clicked the link on top, it opened. It didn’t work for you?


Oh, silly old me. Ok now.

I can’t tell if Alepo was the wisest of men or the most foolish of men.

My favourite story about gods is this one.

Set in ninth century Denmark. A priest is trying to convert a Danish farmer to Christianity .

Farmer: “Now let me see if I’ve understood you. Your only god got himself nailed to a tree?”

Priest “It was cross actually, but you’ve got the gist”

Farmer: “Well now, I worship several gods. One of 'em is called Thor and he carries a bloody great hammer. Excuse me, I have to plough the field”

----------Priest picks up shovel and kills the Dane for blasphemy. The villagers grab the priest and perform the blood eagle on him. Hence came the first Christian Martyr in Denmark, St John The Stupid.

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Greetings, Cleeing_In_Terror,

At the risk of sounding like 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson: What is Arepo?


That is the whole point of the story. Who is Arepo? A sower.