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If consciousness is everywhere and we can access it non-locally then I had a Vulcan Mind Meld with my fucking hardrive and it fucked me up so bad THAT IT’S only now that I begin to see that (at the very least) a computer is much less complicated than I am and so forth.

Oh, no… Uh, Ratty, please tell me you didn’t stuck your wee-wee into one of the USB ports.

Demonstrate consciousness is everyhwere.
Your computer is as smart as you are., Garbage in, garbage out.

I couldn’t find my own penis if it was on google maps :slight_smile:

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Well if you were psychic you would know the world’s empty - so how do you go local and define a point in an empty set?

You’re aware a lot of schizophrenics are a product of the information technology spread, yeah?

I’ve been convinced of the same, until I came to the reckoning that, at a very basic level, you are perfectly fine as long as you don’t overfucking think everything like I do.

Obviously, you are not paying attention to your own advice. I really don’t need to say anything more.

I fear the question of a defined point in an empty set is a little too basic for your understanding. It makes very simple sense to me.

Why did you cut it off? :thinking:


It’s indistinguishable from other penises on google maps. :thinking: it’s also small; very small.

I’m kidding. Where I come from, it’s average to above average (as if you cared. Okay I’ll stop talking about my penis now …)