The Evangenitals Strike Again

First, I’m grateful to another correspondent elsewhere coining the term “evangenitals”… religious zealots filled with a creepy desire to police everyone else’s sex lives.

Here’s yet another reason why they’ve earned that nickname:


BTC is sharp and well-spoken. Have watched him for quite some time.

There is a totem pole of value for people (in the U.S.). Rich, white males are at the top. Poor, non-white girl children are at the bottom.

(Edited to add: apparently, zygotes are well above women and children on this totem pole.)

No matter their protestations, it seems obvious that this all comes down to a desire by these men to subjugate women or, if supported by a woman, be subjugated. Reproductive freedom is the single most important factor in the empowerment of women.

I am terrified for my grandchildren.


we will give you asylum…


Don’t be surprised if we take you up on that! mòran taing!

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