The Creator cannot create a human

Religious texts that incite the killing of human beings are great evidence that religion is the method of desert gangs.
The Creator cannot create a human being and then order his killing because he did not believe in him.
What if one of your children told you that he denies your paternity! Are you going to light the oven and burn your son in it because he denied your paternity, and are you going to incite the rest of your sons to kill that boy who disbelieved in you?
That is why religion contradicts logic, because it provides corrupt meals for the mind


Hmmm… :thinking:… Never thought of it that way. Another good argument, though. Cool.

God just being mysterious. I was taught it could create & destroy at its whim as it did in Egypt, So best to kiss its ass often and follow that up with some cash to the priesthood.


The Abrahamic got of the Jews, christians, and Muslims is a nasty barbaric homicidal narcissistic bloodthirsty asshole that demands just one thing, total obedience and worship. In return it threatens with a horrible fate if one does not comply.

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Still no guarantees even if you do comply, worthiness isn’t indicative of conformity in these religions from what I have seen.

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Huh? Doesn’t that happen to all fathers?

Of course not. I’m going to grill the kid for information about who his mother has been sleeping with. Then I am going to divorce the bitch and start dating again. And if I have a joint banking account I am going to clean it out and take a European Vacation.

Logically, that seems like the right thing to do.

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Religion makes no sense. The entire bible mythology was bullshit with way too many contradictions & plotholes.

Obviously, you are not aware that the Christian god is allowed to do whatever it chooses, whenever it chooses, without ANY disagreement from its faithful followers. After all, IT IS GOD.

  • It KNOWS everything. (Unless you are playing hide-n-seek with it in the Garden of Eden.)
  • It LOVES everything. (Even the heathen atheists it will send to hell.)
  • It can DO anything. (Except for keeping its angels from rebelling… or defeating iron chariots… or writing a clear and concise book of instructions for Mankind.)
  • It created EVERYTHING. (Including disease, natural disasters, Satan, sin, and hell. But it blames humans for the evil in the world.)
  • It is PERFECT. (Except for when it isn’t. In which case it’s Man’s fault and part of its Perfect Plan.)
  • It NEVER makes mistakes. (If it looks like a mistake, it is only god working mysteriously beyond our comprehension.)

So, yeah, the Christian god can most certainly kill as many of its human pets as it pleases. Like my Momma said, “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out of it.”


Except for when it has to kill itself to sacrifice itself for an error in planning and then write a new book to replace the old book that doesn’t actually matter any more.


This might be a little OT, but it’s related. This is something I heard Aron Ra say a while back, and it holds a great deal of importance for me, how God can create things humans can’t make, but he can’t make things humans can make. He can’t make a book, or a box, or a boat.


Always found that interesting. Years ago watched Zeitgeist the movie, looking back I don’t really recommend it, at the time it helped me dislodge the religious stone in my mind.

At one point it’s a George Carlin sketch about how god can do all things, is all powerful, can manipulate matter, yada, yada, yada, but he needs YOUR money. Yet some how he can’t make his own money.

That’s when it hit me that religion is completely manmade just like currency.


lol but he fucks up a lot in the bible and does a lot of stupid shit. :rofl: