The craziest invocation I have ever seen and heard

Guess what party she belongs to?

March 25, 2019

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That’s fucking scary. Jesus fuckin’Christ- she says Jesus more than I do!

Save the nation :thinking: its tough to guess which party…

ahhh, that was disappointing. No speaking in tongues. No raving about demons and insisting god wants you to send her money as she’s picked up and carried off by security. Still, I’m guessing republican, though I’d be more sure if those things had happened.

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I appreciate such religious displays are anathema to me, but it struck me she was either hysterical, and possibly in need of psychiatric examination, or had placed a bet on the number of times she could incoherently repeat the word Jesus, before someone intervened.

On a more humorous note I found this on Facebook, not sure of its provenance, but I found it pretty funny.


She just looked nervous to me. An amatuer warrior for christ targeting her new moslem colleague at a time and place where she had to know it wouldn’t be wholeheartedly agreed with. Notice how she praised Trump’s support of Israel? It’s not that she likes jews any better than moslems, it’s just that evangelicals think the state of Israel is fulfilling the prophecy for the end of times.
Maybe I’m just jaded since I’m surrounded by these people.They’ve gotten bold since Trump embraced them. This is Paula White, his spiritual advisor and the pastor who gave the invocation at his inauguration. This is her the day after the 2020 election when it was clear he lost and she’s calling on god to reverse the results:

She makes that other woman look pretty mild.


The shocking thing is they still find a way to be more convinced of our insanity than we are of theirs. Never mind which side of the debate is actually doing the thinking and reasoning.

I am sure I’m not alone when sometimes I must admit to being embarassed of the human race. Sometimes…

She looks like that other woman’s been off her meds for a day.

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My apologies, I should have prefaced this video with the backstory, both dark and ominous. This was the morning when the first elected Muslim representative ( Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell, a Philadelphia Democrat.) was to be sworn in in this assembly.

That explains the hysteria anyway. Though I’ve heard Christian’s claim on multiple occasions that everything happens according to god’s will. So I’m always a little surprised when they get so bent out of shape when “god’s will” is not what they want, and no amount of servile prayers have any effect to change it.