The continuing saga of Israel Folau, Christ's outside centre

The Australian Christian Lobby is currently funding a concerted media effort to force the lifting of a ban, imposed by the three major national football codes (Australian Rugby League, the Australian Rugby Union, and Australian Football League, aka Aussie Rules) on the belligerent fundamentalist, Tongan Christian football star, Israel Folau, who has repeatedly, publically and most scathingly denounced the LGBT and atheist communities with the unmitigated fire and brimstone condemnations and threats of eternal torture found in the Old Testament which he insists is the true expression of his forgiving god’s love.

Folau is the son of the founder of a radical fundamentalist church in Sydney at which he himself and his family preach. His hateful public diatribes opposes the combined League’s entrenched policy of social equality and inclusion and in any case infringed the terms of his contract with the Australian Football League. The Rugby League and Rugby Union concurred and rejected Folau’s expected application to join their codes.

The ACL blithely believes that because such Bronze Age intolerance is condoned in the Bible, it is within Folau’s rights to exploit his sporting celebrity status to expound his religious intolerance because it is a fundamental part of his freedom of expression and religious rights as a Christian.
No politician, as far as I am aware, has offered any support or criticism of Folau, most likely out of concern for a backlash from either the conservatively religious community or the even greater more gargantuan power of the sporting industry. Prime Minister Morrison deflects the issue if confronted, by flaccidly re-asserting his support for his favoured Rugby League team.

Folau is not as popular in the grandstand or on the field as either pollies or theists imagine. It is assumed his intolerant stand is the cause of his fall from popularity. Many current players and fans in all three national codes, asked to comment on proceedings have expressed flat-out opposition to his joining their beloved codes. One player suggesting Folau should just “Fcuk the fcuk off.”

The ACL cares less about sport and more about its own political relevance, which appears to be waning, but their new Managing Director Martin Iles (note the annagram) is pushing Folau’s position as he were pushing the validity of the Resurrection itself and as a professional lawyer, I imagine he must be enjoying notoriety as a crusader of the faithful. The ACL also faces a great deal of opposition from established churches as being too intrusively political and for not reflecting true Christian doctrine and aspirations.

Folau currently plays football in a much less lucrative minor state competition in Queensland, but seems keen to return to fame and fortune football with the hopes of representing Australia rather than remain a theological martyr.

All of this make me proud of this larrikin country as our constitution holds firm against the rantings from an overly entitled Lilliputian religious/political organisation. They seem to underestimate the real power in all this hoo haa, the nation’s formidable secular army of average yobbo sports fans. Oi! Oi! Oi!
Whats even nicer is that not many of them would know the import of section 116.

  • Section 116 of the Australian Constitution was ‘cut and pasted’ almost word for word from the US 1st Amendment, cleverly leaving out any specific rights to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Nice post. I had thought that Neanderthal had gone back to Tonga.

What can I say? I hope his prostate explodes.

I don’t think it’s a constitutional issue. Folau signed contracts and gave undertakings not to make public statements that would offend a significant number of fans and alienate sponsors. He demonstrated his Christian “morality” by blithely breaking every promise. Then he made out his freedom of speech had been violated.

Australia has plenty of talented rugby players. Who needs that twerp?

I agree with you but its the ACL thats making a constitutional issue of Folau’s right to be a bigot because of his religious sentiments. They can not compel the AFL to do anything simply because of the reasons you explained. Christian crusaders banging their drum to appear relevant.


Slight correction; “plenty of talented mouth breathers”

As far as I’m aware, professional footballers of all codes are not hired for their high IQ. Although a low intellect is not a requirement, it does seem to be an advantage. So why do people get all exercised when one of these neanderthals behaves like a neanderthal?

steady up old friend. By all accounts Neanderthals were very reasonable folk. Welcoming encroaching Homo Sapiens Sapiens into their homes and caves, wives, sisters and daughters while being out bred to extinction as a separate species.

Folau barely qualifies as human such is his lack of empathy and any apparent sense of subjective ethic or morality.

And very tasty too, I’m sure.

Unfortunately for them, god was on our side.

It’s ironic that religious bigots like Folau, scream intolerance when their bigoted intolerance is challenged.


I am soooo NOT into sports - as to watching (but playing? Yah - anyhoo)…

NUMBER 1: The first quote … private choice of this guy, Folau’s belief. Based on a LIE, untruth, falsehood - and his worldview follows.

NUMBER 2: The second whiny :tired_face: cry of the poor “oppressed” hateful Fundamentalists that can’t keep their “personal beliefs” to themselves BUT sure in fuck want to DRAG society BACK to the god demands of intolerance.

NUMBER 3: WHAT??? Are you saying that secular humans are providing equality to people of ALL “differences”??? That if you can’t accept, then “shut the fuck up and tolerate”.

BTW, a contract with a private organization (workplace) IS different than a religious platform/stage. Other religious folk pay good money to listen to him rant his god approved hate and make them feel “holy; less sinful” then those worldlies caught in Satan’s snare.

I’m personally sick and tired of fundies pushing their authoritarian agendas (religion/political ideologies) in HUMAN RIGHTS issues.

Lies. Damn lies. Dangerous lies…


How many homosexuals suffered the same fate prior to enforcement and laws governing equality? How many still do?

Hopefully a last death grasp of hatred of others is being unclasped, finger by desperate finger…

HOW far are societies willing to allow “fundies” of any sort against any group to enact, promote and apply their hate?

@Sheldon That is the same thing with Christian fundamentalists here in the United States. Sad.

@Whitefire13 “God is Not Great: Why Religion Poisons Everything”. Richard Dawkins was right. SMH.

I used the term loosely, based more on physical appearance. EG Mouth breathers, one eyebrow, no neck, arms reaching well below the knee. Some are fond glassing people when they get upset and of abusing and raping women.