The American Experiment

The American Experiment is not just a rhetorical device. There is an actual experiment, and we are the test subjects.

The Three-part Separation Theory is an unsubstantiated theory. The Three-part Separation Theory does nothing more than define the demarcation of the three parts. It does not describe how to organize the components of the three parts that we are familiar with - those were semi-invented by the founders and then adjusted by various ways as the government evolution revealed problems that the people of the era did not know what else to do.

The deployment of the Three-part Separation Theory only prevents any one person from ascending to a dictatorship. It does not prevent the partisan contest to populate the three parts with politically aligned personnel.

The subsequent “Checks and Balances” do not work. The three parts are inherently cooperative entities. The checks on the power have to be assigned to the entities, and they do not work because of the partisan alignment then controls the checks on power.

The Three-part Separation Theory is erroneous - we need a better government separation model.

Any questions?

By the way. Why am I the only person able to figure this out?

In my experience this is time to critically examine my reasoning.

No offence…:innocent::+1:

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That’s quite a question. Ego much?

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I am not afraid to ego. I am the leader. What can you bring to the table? Try using those critical thinking skills that make atheists superior to the delusional people.

Not offended - what do you have to advance the subject of the American Experiment?


Ronald Martin

I am an/a: Atheist

Busted… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This is some poor trolling, why isn’t heaven enough for these cretins?

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Sorry but that has no relevance to my post, you made this claim:


My response was using that as context.

I didn’t sign a waiver.

Thank you Mr. Obvious. Tell you what. You write up a proposal and I will have it read into the congressional records.

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This is irony right? Did I nail it? Aw please say I did. I’m still sore from the kicking ratty is giving me. :innocent:


Yes, yes I do.

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Are you afraid to grammar?


What? What did you find out?

I’m an atheist trolling atheists to use their critical thinking skills to fix the erroneous government, and you do not like that because . . . ?

Why don’t you like that?

What do you mean, “obvious”? If it were obvious, then people would be working on the correction. I am the only one who can describe the problem. You will never find any description of the problem except for what I have written, so far.

Prove your shit, and have my opening post entered into the Congressional Record as you describe you can. Maybe that will get the Christians attention to fix the government, because atheists do not seem to be inspired.

Thanks again Mr. Obvious.

" The calling of a Second Constitutional Convention of the United States is a proposal made by some academics and activists from across the political spectrum."

" Since the initial 1787–88 debate over ratification of the Constitution, there have been sporadic calls for the convening of a second convention to modify and correct perceived shortcomings in the Federal system it established. Article V of the Constitution provides two methods for amending the nation’s frame of government.

When the groundhog pops out of his hole and can not see his own shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter. When someone professing to know something about the government pops his head out of a hole and begins spouting nonsense, perhaps he should shove it back into the hole from were it came.


Where is the argument that the deployment of the Three-part Separation Theory is erroneous?

I googled this term, and it came back with nothing.

Anyhewwww , this was coined by a Frenchman, (Separation of Powers: An Overview) The term “trias politica” or “separation of powers” was coined by Charles-Louis de Secondat, baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu, an 18th century French social and political philosopher. His publication, Spirit of the Laws, is considered one of the great works in the history of political theory and jurisprudence.

It is practiced by Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Nepal, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States.

Please excuse me, I must go and play a Carly Simon song.


About what?

I’m an atheist who is dubious about your claim to be an atheist, though I’m prepared to accept that you’re trolling at this point, which was in fact my point when I said busted.

You make unevidenced assumptions, and then phrase them like rhetorical questions because…?

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Oh shit, my ego-meter is off the scale??? :wink: I can’t find my idiotic hyperbole meter, I think it may have topped itself, sensitive as it is to trolling retard fluctuations.

This is a bigggggggggggggggg fucking signal!


What is your point?

Well, Cognastic suggested that the problem I described is obvious, and like you cannot find any confirmation of the problem.

I capitalized the words, because I believe it is a valid theory, but incorrectly deployed. I believe it applies only for small government, and as the government expands the separation of government has to be demarcated by the main partitions of law and then those branches are subdivided by the traditional three processes of law.

You are so noble. You should be awarded an award.