The absurd contradictions regarding gender in religion (Christianity)

Isn’t it funny how frightening a character becomes — particularly a woman — when they say, ‘Actually, I’m right. And so I’m going to keep going. Even when everyone else is bored, and even when everyone else is furious, I’m going to keep going…This was from a movie review…This being is absolutely wretched. This being is underestimating me as a woman and there are just absurd contradictions that I cannot reconcile. I couldn’t sleep last night because I started to realize that this religion doesn’t really make sense in my head - it has almost become a bad habit or the bad news…This being is Satan and is so wicked…I hope it dies! One of my friends explained " Caste explains America’s discontents with extremist ideologies around race and color that apply to sex as well with pro-lifers perpetuating the system of women’s bodies as property permitting the taking of women’s reproductive rights by the government." I’m really struggling with the latter - this crazy “God” taking advantage of my body to use me as a “vessel” for some idiot (stranger) and trying to control my reproductive rights and reproductive justice…it truly is vomit-inducing! Have you heard of anything crazier?! This being won’t even do that for me so why the fuck would I do this for this being? Makes no Goddamn sense - it is RAPE!

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Again - use this time wisely - seek professional help; police or psychiatrist.

HUH? What you need to do is keep a Grey’s Anatomy on your bedside table. That way when the aliens come and abduct you, they can use it as a guide and stick you back together the right way after the next autopsy.