Texas Woman Arrested for Performing 'Illegal' Abortion on Herself

It looks like they’ve finally written Catholic catechism into law in Texas:

Well, it’s begun, the imprisonment of women for abortions. Can’t just blame the catholics though, the evangelicals have their hands in this too.

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Only in Texas… Or Alabama, Missississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Norrth and South Dakota, Utah, …;.;.

This is why abortion should be legal. We’ve taken several steps back. Making abortion illegal didn’t work then and it won’t work now. All they’ve done is set women up to hurt themselves. Women who refuse to have a child they don’t want will go through great lengths to have a miscarriage, go to a state or country that allows abortion, or they will find a doctor that will do it quietly for some money under the table. What about the women that are facing life and death and need an abortion? This is cruel and immoral. No woman should be forced to have a baby they don’t want. This is enslavement pure and simple.