Testimony of becoming an atheist

Hi everyone I am exmuslim atheist from Pakistan. I am 18 year old and I left islam when I was 17 year old . I am happy after leaving my religion . I read armin navabi book. Armin book helps me to understand the reality of islam . And after that I read Richard Dawkins book god delusion and finally after knowing all the reality and argument against god I left my religion. I feel free and happy after leaving a cult of Islam.


Welcome to Atheist Republic youngatheist_89.

First off, I must caution you to protect your true identity and where you live. There are some who take offense at apostates.

One does not have to give testimony (although it is welcome and appreciated) on being an atheist, we just are what we are, ones who lack a belief in a god or gods.

For myself, I visit this place for many reasons. The most important for me is that I learn. I learn about the many errors and lies in holy books, how they do not make sense, and the harm religion causes.

I am sure you are aware of the harm to many who do not adhere to a religion, they can be persecuted, ostracized, even murdered. There are multiple levels of harm, apart from the obvious ones I stated. Hang around, you will learn a lot about such.

The only requirement to be an atheist is lack of belief in a god, that is it. Some may be polite, some not. Some may wear jeans and a t-shirt, other suits and ties.

You mentioned you feel free after leaving the cult of Islam. I was a devout theist, and once I realized I was an atheist a great weight was lifted off my shoulders. That is because the Abrahamic religions (Jews, christians, Muslims) are taught that one will be punished for eternity if they do not bend the knee.

I now believe there is no after life once I die all I ever was is gone.

And from that simple fact I feel even better, because I savor every moment, cherish personal relationships, and enjoy the simple things in life.


Welcome, Young. Nice having you with us. It is rare that we get ex-Muslims here, so it is always refreshing to get the perspective of different religions other than Christianity. I would like to join Dave in cautioning you to be safe in any personal information you might share. I don’t know your current situation, but there’s no need to take unnecessary chances. Otherwise, come on in and make yourself at home. You are among friends here. (Well, except for Cog, of course. Don’t let him near you with a banana.)


Um… I’m gonna be nice and just not say anything until a bit more is revealed. Enjoy the forums.


Welcome. Good to have you.

Do you still live in Pakistan?

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Yes Dawn I live in Pakistan right now

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Thanks david. I am very happy to meet people like me . After leaving my religion I dont have any friend to talk about my belief. Because you know in Pakistan it is illegal to be an atheist. But I hope I find people here who become my friend. Again david thank for your welcome.

Welcome young one!!! This is an international forum so you’ll get to engage with members from all over the world. We tend to be an older group, not too many young ones post - BUT we welcome the younger perspective!!! My boys are around your age.


It sucks you can’t be open about it where you live since that could be very bad for your health. Stay safe. I’d really hate to be in your position.


Most importantly STAY SAFE. Keep your online identity secure, don’t trust anyone around you, and above all do not speak out about your loss of faith.

Death is permanent, and religious zealots are the worst.

Now, Having said the the good grandpa stuff, welcome to AR. Feel free to talk about anything here.


Waking up from the nightmare of religion and its hate and intolerance is truly “heaven on Earth”. Atheism is much like reaching puberty: It is your brain reaching adulthood and leaving behind your childhood, forever.

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Welcome to freedom of thought, which is the only true freedom. If you are still living in Pakistan, then be careful who you express your opinions to.

Yeah. Born and bred in Eire…

Yup. Nothing has changed throughout the centuries. Religious people are still a threat to rational people who do not embrace superstitious nonsense. History amply attests to this fact.