Sweet Satisfaction

I don’t know why, but for some odd reason, I get quite the awesome satisfaction, from seeing atheists everywhere, including you folks here at Atheist Republic, rip to shreds, the God or Gods of religious believers, theists and Deists. The belief in God or Gods of religion/theism, have caused me so much pain, agony and suffering over the years, so the moment I made the firm decision to stop believing in any God or Gods, as well as in other type of supernatural being or entities, I finally found peace.

Now, I get the satisfaction of watching atheists like you folks here, rip the God or Gods, not just of the theists, but of the Deists as well, to shreds; and let me tell you, boy, it feels so damn good…so carry on!


I hate bullies, and that is one prime reason I take pleasure in engaging in arguments that undermine religion.

In another post we are discussing offensive (to the theists) art. For me, those who attempt to impose their standards on others, even by threat of force, are just bullies. And considering that many of those same people have no problems treating atheists like shit with lies, insults, even taking away rights, I have no problem pushing back.

Two hundred years ago those same types of theists would have no problem killing or burning an atheist. But now that atheists say stuff, or post art that hurts their po po sensibilities, tough shit.

Amazingly, it is not difficult destroying the bible or religion. Just strap on a little bit of common sense and the ability to read, and religion and the bible crumbles apart.


@David_Killens That is what they do, not just to atheists or non-believers, but to the followers or believers of other religions, and it makes me sick. I guess the “Golden Rule” does not apply to them, because they are “special”, because of the special connection to whatever God or Gods that they believe in and worship. Such arrogance will be the downfall of the human race!!! .

THE HOLY BIBLE, The best selling work of fiction in all of human history.

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Reminds me of a joke, about how someone got kicked out of a Barnes & Nobles, because they were putting all of the Bibles in the fiction section. I’ve seen that joke around many times. Hmm…

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Sounds like a good idea.

It is also the greatest “multiple choice” book of all.

Dragging them kicking and screaming from the shadowy pews of candle lit ignorance into the light of day is not exactly a goal or even applauded by most atheists, though I dare say many have dreamed.

Instead, we are content to patiently wait for the ignorant to spout their nonsense prior to pointing out the fallacious origins of their ignorance. In most cases this simply sends them running back into the darkness from which they emerged; however, on those rare occasions, when an individual is capable of hanging onto a couple of silly little questions, “How do you know? What evidence do you have?” The seeds of doubt begin to grow, even in utter and complete darkness.


Indeed. Going by some public utterances (including here) there is no doubt in my mind that a great many believers would still burn atheists alive if they could get away with it.

Because it’s hard to kill an idea.

I take comfort in the knowledge that around 13% of the world’s population is atheist and that the figure is growing.

However I can’t see religion fading away any time soon. Religion always thrives in poverty and ignorance. For those who insist on believing in affluent societies I think it’s perhaps due to deep emotional neediness and paucity of thought.


@Cognostic Very wise and correct indeed. Normally, atheists just mind their business and do whatever they need to do for themselves or their families, until a theist comes along and decides to try to impose his or her beliefs on you guys, which is not fair or right at all. I don’t see, at least from what I can tell, atheists going around proselyting, which, last I checked, is a good thing. But watching you atheists dismantle the God or Gods that religious theists believe in, is enjoyable. Being free from the belief in any God, Gods or other supernatural beings or entities is very liberating, and just feels awesome.

ERRATA; I misread that as “it’s difficult destroying the bible or religion” Probably because that’s my position.

Arguably easier when people are affluent, educated and capable of both abstract thinking and critical thought. When poor and ignorant, not so much. I would have thought that would be obvious going by the diverse apologist dropkicks we get here.

Both Mao and Stalin tried to destroy religion. As soon as they were gone, back it came. Polish Catholics provided the catalyst which destroyed the Soviet Union.

Back in the fifteenth century Europe had the Protestant Reformation. Each side burned the other live when they could catch them. All the martyrs had to do was change sides.

I’ll stick to the point I thought I was making before; it’s very hard to destroy an idea.

Good point. Silly me, assuming (why, as I should have known better) most people are rational and accept evidence over woo woo.

I hang my head in shame Boomer, I should have known better.

Don’t concern yourself my dear chap. Have a Tim Tam.

Besides, they can be really sneaky. Claiming they’ve come here for rational discussion, which is never true (so far) They they proceed by inserting digit ad rectum, putting mind in neutral and getting into the same lame arse, pig ignorant apologetics and proselytising as usual.

PS that poor dog is not feeling guilty, he’s afraid. Dogs have no moral sense so they cannot feel guilt.

I like to call it the book of lies: christian edition :joy:

There is really no need to destroy religion or try to destroy it, as that is happening on its own, because religion is constantly shooting itself in the foot, somehow.


I hark back to Oxymandias, the point of which is “everything made by man passes” "

Interesting to note that ancient Egyptian religion lasted for over 3000 years. At one point*** the Temple of Amum (it’s priests) were wealthier than pharaoh.

I’m not the least bit worried about the demise of religion. Mostly because it will happen long after I’m dead. My only concern is what will replace religion? So far it seems to me that needs formerly met by religion are now met by secular humanism or simply hedonism in developed countries. That would be dandy on a much larger scale.

*** My understanding is that was the case at beginning of the reign of The Great Heretic, Akhnaten (father of Tutankhamun) 14th century bce. There may have been other times. The Temple of Amun was obscenely wealthy and powerful for centuries, if not millennia. It’s possible the Catholic church is wealthier.