Stupid Things Religions Do

That gold-plated gun looks like something a pimp would carry.

I actually know someone who intentionally had a S&W revolver pimped out with gold fillagrie, diamonds, emeralds, and sapphire for specific tactical reasons.

This gun was also fitted with a Magna lock, which means that it can only fire if the user is wearing a specific magnetic ring on the middle finger.

His logic is that if someone breaks into his home, he will confront them with his pimp gun. If the home invader gets the drop on him and he gets killed, he reasons that this home invader will pick up the shiney, gold plated gun (like fishing bait).

So, this invader will move on to this guy’s wife with a non functional gun . . . whereas the wife will blow him away with her shotgun.


This isn’t his model, but it’s close enough.

Banana Gun
I have a gun like that. I hide it in the bananas. “Hey, can I have one last banana before I die?”
*** BLAM *** one dead home intruder.

Let’s think about the butthole propulsion system.

Simplifying let’s assume the fart is driving a one pound turd.

Let’s assume the fart increases the velocity of the turd to 32 ft / sec in one second as it passes thru the sphincter.

This is a two g acceleration, the gas must push on the one pound turd with 66 pounds the asshole providing the gas to power the turd would experience this 66lbs.

The fartnaugaut, would move opposite the direction of the turd, at an acceleration that is a ratio to the turd mass to his mass.

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I think they ripped off the gold plated AK from Rambo 3. I think it was the third Rambo movie anyways lol.

Banksy painted a very nice picture of you carrying your piece. I only wish he added a cowboy hat.

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Feels like Dirty Harry meets the Victorian era, I hate to say I like it.

I’ve got the same picture over the mantle in the living room. Clint Eastwood loved it when he popped by the house.

So why didn’t you get cast in pulp fiction again?

They Couldn't Afford Me

Say what again! I dare you!

This idea was explored in the 2nd Nutty Professor movie where Eddie Murphy’s character used his intestinal gas problem to propel himself in the zero g environment in a space station.