Strange email from Daniel2

Hello I received an email from Daniel2 with a link that I refuse to open.
Is this guy legit?
He says it’s a link to a debate and that he wants my opinion. I have asked that he repost his position if he wants my opinion.
This is a ref flag to me. What say ye?

It is your choice. Personally I conduct all of my business removed from private messenger.

What do they say about opening links from strangers?


He’s been messaging me too. It’s pretty random.

IMO his intent is not malicious, he just wants to talk to people.

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I gathered as much. But if I want to talk to people. I normally find or make threads that I can identify with on the forum. Kind of like what we’re doing right now. I do feel like messaging random people is invasive. I rarely ever go out of my way to message anyone. If I have something to say. I post it publicly on the forum.

I am social anxious and I don’t want to go off topic on a forum (I don’t want to break any rules) and I like to talk privately :fearful: :cold_sweat:.


To be honest; when I first talked to Daniel it set off all kinds of alarm bells for me. But he is cool. I think he just rubs people the wrong way at first (more often than the average person anyway).

HI @Daniel2 :wave:t6:

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Daniel2 is member who lives in South Africa. I exchange messages with him. He’s harmless. Always up to you to decide with whom to communicate.

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Likewise - at first I was “…huh???” But he is honest and open and just shares areas of his life that are interesting.

He trust me with personal information - @Daniel2 just be careful of how much and to who you share information with.

Remember this is an online forum and members may not always be honest with who they are or their intent.