… speak clearly and directly about things, even embarrassing or unpleasant things

In a Iran they throw gay folk to their death. Perhaps we shouldn’t mock religion, it maybe far better to hate it.

I’m wondering why this could be viewed as offensive? Is it not true that they throw people to their death in Iran because of their sexual orientation? Does not the bible confirm that gay folk should be put to death? How long is the list of evangelicals that believe that gay people and women who commit adultery (men tend to be missing from this advocation) should be put to death? And as for rebellious children, well, are you comfortable to not contend with the Holy Scriptures when they tell us to put them to death? Maybe Putin is correct when he tells us that the Ukrainians are Nazi’s. Who are we to contradict or offend him? It is a sad day when we can’t call a spade a spade. What should we call it?

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I have no issue with the content of your post, but the thread title is problematic.

From …NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

Wolfgang Mieder notes that in the fourth edition of The American Language, H.L. Mencken’s famous book about language in the United States, “spade” is listed as one of the “opprobrious” names for “Negroes”




adjective: opprobrious

  1. (of language) expressing scorn or criticism.


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I’ve had a busy week… so I’m going to “weigh” in.

Most likely you meant speak clearly and directly about things, even embarrassing or unpleasant things .

BUT also consider…

So :woman_shrugging:t2: an admin trying to weigh “freedom of expression” which may also verge on racist (especially since the content of your post speaks to Iran and has hate included) slang can be difficult. If it’s not “clear cut” the admin makes the judgement call.

David did. You don’t need to agree.

Well, for consistencies’ sake would it not be appropriate to remove the contentious expression from material posted by the Athesitrepublic?

Talk to India :india:- they’ve been trying. Talk to Iran :iran: - talk to a host of others that get offended. This is a worldwide forum with Canadian mods. Art btw is a different “expression”. Like I said, it was his judgement call.

Like I said, two different meanings.

One, the meme was allowed via different mods given the context (art). Yours wasn’t, given the context.

Here - I’ll fix it for you…

Donald Trump would love you.