Something to look forward to

This is kind of a follow-up to my last thread about my families indifference to my favorite night of the year, Halloween. After I posted it, I made the apparent mistake of sending an email to my wife and kids and their spouses telling them that I’ve chosen not to “haunt” our son’s home this year and the reasons why I’d made that decision. Holy shit, that was a mistake.
Needless to say, it did not go over well. My wife was pissed, our daughter was surprised, and our son was confused. None of them have any interest in the things that I love, the dark, horror literature and movies, music, or the occult, which is understandable. I’m the family Satanist/Atheist, and they’re all devout believers.

After a phone conversation with our daughter and her brother, and a heated disagreement with my wife, we’ve all come to an understanding. We all need to be better at communicating within our relationships with each other. Point taken

Our son had an idea while we were talking on the phone, we should treat Halloween like we do for Thanksgiving and my least favorite holiday, Christmas. Because both of our kids are married and have both sets of grandparents living locally, we alternate which years we celebrate each holiday together. This year, our daughter and her family will celebrate Thanksgiving with our son-in -law’s parents, and our son and his family will spend it with us.
At Christmas time, we’ll get to spend it with our daughter at their house.
Then we switch holidays the next year. So we agreed that this year, we’ll go to our daughter’s place for dinner(Jack in the box, it’s tradition) and go trick or treating with our younger grandkids for the first time. They’ve never seen one of my “haunts” before, and maybe never will. Then next year, I’ll put on my “haunt” at our son’s home. His daughters are old enough to remember what I did to our house every Halloween, and now they’re old enough to want to help with the preparations and scare the hell out of their friends.

I’m still putting goodie bags together for the grandkids and one for mom and dad to share, and I’ll deliver them on the 31st. I’ll drive up to our son’s house to drop them off, then I’ll go to our daughter’s place.

Now I really have something to look forward to, Halloween night with our daughter’s family next week, and haunting our son’s place with my granddaughters next year. I’ve already got a couple of ideas for next year, and our son said they were willing to give me a budget to help with the cost’s of building some new props(headstones).

Hey Cog, you suggested I wait and give it a year before doing anything that would be permanent(suicide), so I’ll give it a try. I’ll be around for at least another year.

October 31st. and grandkids, Dates and people worth living for. Have you ever considered that you would not feel as depressed as you do were you not in such a toxic environment? Isn’t there a Satanic temple or some sort of Free though organization around you someplace? If I had to deal with the (Jolly, Friendly, Nice, Jesus Loving, Wholesome, ) people in your family 24/7 I would go fucking batshit crazy.



Why the heated arguments over “haunting” during Halloween? Do they imagine you’ll actually be summoning spirits of the dead to traverse your son’s property?

FWIW, they seem to be tolerating you more than treating you in any familial way… or even in an acquaintance way.


I agree with you, that’s the reason I chose to not go through the hassle of a “long distance” yard haunt like last year’s. It’s a lot of driving and a lot of work to set it all up and then tear it down that night before having to haul everything home and put it back in storage the next day.

They are also not fans of my choice of “haunt” because I use occult and Satanic imagery and sigils in my cemetery/pumpkin patch. There’s zero violence or blood or gore, just the dark, fog, candlelight, firelight, and a few bones.

I’ve also built a few monuments(headstones) with epitaphs that aren’t christian and are “insulting” according to my family. You’re right, they’ll tolerate me for one night a year, but our 2 older granddaughters are 14 and 10 and remember what our front yard looked like on Halloween night, and now they want to help me with the set-up instead of trick or treating. I think that’s really cool and am looking forward to next October 31st.
Her’s a photo from a few years ago of the kind of things I do on Halloween night.

I am aware that I am on my own when it comes to being around like-minded people like myself, that’s why I try to go to a concert whenever I can. It’s like going to “church”, we’re there for the same reason and have many similar beliefs. The last show I’ve been too was in May, so it’s been a long time.
I’m a member of TST and get daily email from them, but none of it is anywhere near our location.
Maybe I should start my own organization of black metal fans, atheists, and Satanists.

Are you aware? Or is it just a story you tell yourself? Seriously, have you really looked around lately? The world is always changing. A whole lot of people are logging in to see the New Atheists on the internet these days. People are beginning to figure shit out. Starting your own organization is a great idea. I have a dream that when I leave Korea, I want to buy an old church and start a free though library in the middle of the bible belt. On Sundays, I want to pass out free books in front of churches and videotape the exchanges. I will get the books from Atheist Donations and a Patrion account. To get a free book, all the Christian has to do is swear to their God that they will read it. LOL I don’t believe in their god but they do. This keeps them from taking all the books and burning them. (IMO). I have already had good Christians burn my books. You can come hang out.

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Sold, anyone want a joint venture? Only $25,000.

A hobby of mine is shopping for churches. Although I wanted to buy one, put up a sign “First Church of Atheism” then never use the building, see what local religious crazies show up to protest or spy on the place. Then just let it rot into the ground and eventually bulldoze it and build a community garden.

In northern Georgia? Yes
Ten Xtain churches within a small radius, to include a Mormon flavored one? Yes
Cushy carpet for safe storage of “them free thinkin’ books”? Yes
Multiple avenues of approach for the inevitable protesters who think you’re bringing the devil? Yes
Atlanta PD department within short driving/ response distance? Yes

That’s the right idea. Way too big and too many repairs for what I need. You got the right idea though. The price is great! I’ve seen a few under 100k that would be perfect. (Problem Is - Exchange rates) Since the war, Korean won has dropped to 70% of the dollar. Well that’s great if I am bringing money into Korea. In a recent post I mentioned buying a new car, Hyundai Venue. I just took the American money and paid cash for a 30% discount. I bought the car with 19k miles $13,000

Money can not go the other way until the trade deficit changes. I may be in Korea a year or two longer than expected. Not a problem yet. I am healthy and active. I’m working full time and playing squash three times a week. I think I will be fine for the near future.

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