Slavery is allowed and encouraged in holy books, yet ignored by the followers

Why is it that so many people preach that their holy book is full of love and compassion, when in reality it is full of selfish hate.

No idea as to why, but that they do, is an established fact.


  1. They have not been trained to ask questions.
  2. They have been trained that to ask questions is to sin and sin is bad.
  3. Anything than challenges their “FAITH” is of the “evil one.” and must be pushed away.

Which holy book did you finally read?

I don’t know what the big deal about slavery is. It’s perfectly ethical and legal in most countries of the world, including the USA. We just give our slaves a few human rights and call them prisoners. The Thirteenth Amendment to the [United States Constitution abolished slavery in the United States and involuntary servitude except as punishment for a crime (

The Thirteenth Amendment exempts penal labor from its prohibition of forced labor. This allows prisoners who have been convicted of crimes (not those merely awaiting trial) to be required to perform labor or else face punishment while in custody.

Prisoners work for as little as fifty cents a day and the only place they get to spend their money is in the over priced prison commissary. And now!!! Prisons are privatized. Huge money in running a slave organization producing products at next to nothing for labor costs.

What do prisons make?

  1. Protective military gear. YEP! The number one consumer of good ole cheap labor is the govenment. The government proudly states that they do everything from manufacture body armor to combat uniforms, and even retrofit big rigs and Humvees. Wired also reports that as recently as five years ago, prisoners played a big role in manufacturing Patriot missiles.

  2. Law enforcement equipment: LOL - There has to be irony in this someplace. Prisoners in Texas and Washington make tools of the trade for police officers. That includes duty belts, uniforms, target practice posters, and…handcuff cases.

  3. McDonald’s uniforms? Yep. Why shouldn’t corporate America take a chunk out of the free or next to nothing labor market.

  4. We are back to the US Government again and this time it is Furniture. " The US government doesn’t simply load up on office furniture at IKEA like the rest of us. Furniture actually accounts for some of Unicor’s biggest business, (

Everyone should get a chuckle out of #5… Ready for this…

5. Microsoft software packaging: Never count on big business to avoid a good deal, even if forced slave labor is involved. In the '90s, Microsoft hired inmates to package computer mice. Way to save a buck.

Okay… I’m just going to list the rest of this sutt. You can google it yourself. American Prison slave labor is use for… (Drum roll please…) Honda Car Parts. Victoria Secret Lingerie, Dentures, JC Penny Blue Jeans, All their own stuff (Anything the prison needs), Call Center Contracts, Starbucks Packaging, Meat processing,

The Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program, created by Congress under a 1979 law, allows private companies to enter into contracts with corrections agencies to use inmate labor.

A 2018 U.S. Justice Department overview of the program said inmates are paid a “prevailing local wage,” although corrections departments are allowed to deduct up to 80% of inmates’ gross wages for "room and board, taxes (such as federal, state, and FICA), family support, and crime victim.

Look closer and you will find the major companies denying that they use prison labor or were unaware of using it. Ha ha ha ha … Do they really care where the labor comes from if they don’t get caught. Yep… I’m that clinical. They know damn well where the labor is coming from and only flinch after they are found out and then generate some form of plausible deniability. It’s the American way. LOL

How did I come up with all this BS and why? I don’t remember? Ahhh… Slavery in the USA… Alive and well but practiced under another name.

Wow :flushed:

It is a Christian nation… lol! God bless America!

Good day.

The bible and other holy books is honestly gobbledygook. As Dawkins says, there is no reason to respect holy books.

Why do you say finally?

Because in my experiences with others (including my own) a person reads meaning into the book. Doesn’t matter which one, you are told what to get from it and it’s cherry picked depending on the religion. Reading the book for yourself usually lands a person questioning the goodness and morality and intelligence of whatever god it proposes.

@Whitefire13 Fair enough, I was born into a very Christian household. I was punished by having to read the Bible and was forced to produce “book reports” based on what I read. It took me time but I started realizing different issues and I began questioning everything. Later in my life I took religious courses in college and learned a lot about what forms a religion and also how similar and based on the same idea’s they are (especially the three main world religions). Then while an adult I started to realize that people don’t actually read their holy books, they just regurgitate what people tell them. They ignore all the issues and horrible acts the holy books tell them to commit and only bring up the nice fluff. Humans are very easily manipulated and these are the transcripts of how to do just that.