Slavery (Humanity vs. Islam)

I have written a very detailed Book upon Slavery in Islam.

I do want that this book get the propagation and people do read it, while the material that is present in this book about Islamic Slavery, you will not find anywhere else.

I don’t want to praise my work myself. If you look into this book, then you will yourself understand the importance of this book for humanity and for showing the right path to Muslims.

Here is the Link to PDF file:

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Just proves that Islam, like early christianity is totally fucked up. The world would be better rid of all the Abrahamic Middle Eastern shite that has been haunting us for 2000 years.

Oh, well researched book…did you miss the no personal promotion rule?


No one needs to read that book. Every good Muslim knows that slavery in Islam was like slavery in the Bible, good slavery that helped people who would have otherwise starved to death or spread their inferior genes to an enlightened population. Slavery in Islam was a blessing to humanity, just like slavery in the bible.

His book pretty much slags Islam and slavery

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Thank you sir for having a look at the book @Old_man_shouts_at_cl . This encourages me, while I spent years in researching it and collecting all this new material.

Sorry, I didn’t know about this rule.
I have no problem if I am asked to delete this post.

By the way, my work is totally copyrights free and not intended for any commercial use. I have not even written my name on this book. It is only my present for humanity in name of humanity. All that I want is this that people come to know about this real face of slavery in Islam, which is unfortunately hidden. Even 99.9% Muslims themselves don’t know about these facts.

I am an ex-Muslim.

Mostly, Muslims left Islam due to Theory of Evolution and collision between Islam and Science.

Few left while they feel Islam brings injustice to women.

While I left Islam, when I came to know about real Islamic Rulings regarding slavery. And I am sure there are millions more who will leave Islam if they become able to see this real face of Islam. That is why, I consider this book to be so important.

Injustice of Islam against free women consists of things like:

  1. Half testimony in the court
  2. Compulsory Hijab
  3. Husband marrying 4 wives
  4. No right to Divorce
  5. They had to stay at homes and could not leave it without the permission of husband.

But the fact is, I forget about the injustices of Islam against the free Muslim woman, when I came to know about the oppression of Islam upon the slave-woman.
Yes, free Muslim women are still living in paradise if we compare it with the hell, in which slave women have to live under Islamic slavery.

In my opinion, the issues are like this:

  1. 99.99% Muslims themselves don’t know about it.
  2. And 100% non-Muslims don’t know about it.
  3. At maximum people know that Islam allows the owner to have sex with his slave-girl without her consent. But this is only the tip of iceberg. There is much much more to this, which is equally worse or perhaps even more worse in some cases than a rape of slave-woman by her owner in his house.
  4. While normally people know so little about Islamic slavery, therefore, Muslim apologists are able to bring lame excuses in order to defend Islam. But with this Book, all the doors have been closed for the Islam apologists, and they have no chance to escape by bringing any lame excuse.

Therefore, dear Atheists, my humble request is to please at least read all the “heading” in this article and you will automatically understand why am I begging again and again that people should come to know about these facts regarding Islamic slavery.

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Self promotion is not permitted.

–and you know that exactly how? How have you verified that claim is true?

It would be really nifty if you could post a summary of your position/argument.

I’ve had a quick look the PDF file. I’m sure I just missed it, so could you please point me to your list of references and bibliography of material you accessed/read in writing your book.

It is ok if you consider it a self promotion.

But I request you to please look at it from this angle that this is not a commercial book (but only a copyrights free material), and thus “promotion” rule should not be applied upon it. I have not even written my name upon this book. Therefore, “self” is not involved in it.

All that I want is this that people feel the importance of this book, and thus the messsage is spread.

It does not require any extra list of refereces, while ALL the references have already been presented along with quotations of Islamic Traditions and Rulings in form of Online Links. There is not a single reference that is missing.

I am not intended to devlaue any other work about Islamic Slavery. I salute them all, while all of them helped the humanity to know the real face of Islam.

I made this claim that my book contains new material/arguments, after reading all the material about Islamic slavery, which is present (or I have access too). My intention was only this that people feel the importance of this book. You are free to read it, and if you think this claim is false, then you could provide your proofs.

But really, I don’t feel there is a need that you try to counter this book, while our concentration should be against refuting Islamic slavery, and not to refute each other. Nevertheless, if you still feel that this book does not worth to be read and a wastage of time, then you are free to proof your claim.

From what I’ve learned:

  1. The good slavery is the slavery we do.
  2. The bad slavery is the slavery others do.

It is not up to me to disprove your claims rather to you to prove them. That obligation is called the burden of proof. It belongs to the person making a claim.

. It is actually essential to list your references and a bibography of works accessed for research .Links to internet pages is simply not enough.

As it turns out, I’ve read the Quan, lived in a muslim country and studied aspects of Islam at university. Oh, I also have several muslim neighbours.

The Islam you describe is not the Islam of my experience. That a practice is stated in the Quran or hadith is not credible evidence that such things are practiced widely or at all today.

Eg : There is a vast difference between the Wahhabi Islam of Saudi Arabia and say the Islam of Malaysia or Indonesia.

It should also be pointed out the the Quran makes no mention of the veiling of women . These are common tribal practices which predate Islam centuries. They were found in earlier Persian and Hebrew cultures. Not sure about Sumeria. The Quran actually says very little about Muslim clothing. It speaks only of ‘modesty’ for men and women both.

The harsh treatment of women as property is a concept found in may cultures, including European. In Europe that only started to change in the late nineteenth century.

. I AM interested in an original work. However, I do not need a history lesson on slavery in the Muslim world or the appalling historical treatment of women in Islam.

The only material difference I can see between the worst excesses of Islam and Western civilisation is the passage of a few hundred years. EG Sharia law has been lifted from Mosaic law in the Torah. The Jews have evolved far beyond that time. Some Muslims have not.

I am far from convinced that claims you have made apply to Islam generally today. If you want to be taken seriously, you will need to present your work a scholarly piece. Otherwise it is simply another angry polemic by a former believer.

It seems that you are not an atheist, but a Muslim in disguise here.

Actually, whatever has been written in Quran and Hadith, only that has been counted as Islam.
While what Muslims practice today (under the pressure of advanced civilizations of today due to their progress in science and technology) is not pure Islam.
And our criticism here is not the Muslims of today, but the slavery in the original Islam, and how it effected the millions of captive women and children during the last 14 centuries (till the West abolished slavery from the world in the 20th century).

Again … our criticism is not upon the slavery free Muslim society of today, but upon original Islam, which is present in Quran and Hadith, and due to which millions of captives of wars suffered for centuries.
Is it difficult for you to comprehend this difference?

Then you have not read the book.
You compare Islam with Christianity. But this book provided the comparison of Buddhists who abolished the Bazaars of slavery, and who also substituted the system of slavery from the much humane system of Serfdom. But Allah was unable to do it.
This book also presented the example of Cyrus the Great. And also slavery in Sassinid empire was better than Islam.
Actually, this book provided the detailed comparison of slavery in Islam and Judaism/Christianity, and how Islam introduced the worst kind of slavery as compared to them.
Please stop making useless claims without reading and understanding the book.

Again you are unable to comprehend the difference.
These links are not the Simple internet pages, where one makes claims against Islam at his own. But these links are about those “specific Internet Pages” which are hosting Original Islamic Books like Quran and Hadith and original Tafsirs and Fatwas by Muslim Scholars. All this stuff is hosted only upon the Muslim websites and nobody doubts these references from online Quran and Ahadith.
Sir, I am afraid that you have serious problem with comprehension here.

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From what I have learnt:

  1. Slavery coud never be good or bad (irrespective of our slavery or yours slavery)
  2. Slavery could only be “bad” or “worse” (either it is practised by you, or by me).
  3. And slavery in Islam was of “worst” kind (You could see the comparison of Islamic slavery with that of Buddhists/Cyrus the Great/ Sassinid Empire/Buddhists …)
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What? Just because I’m reasonably informed about Islam and disagree with you? Pretty
quick to jump to unfounded conclusions I’d say. You know nothing about me.

Bullshit and a no true Scotsman fallacy. There is no such thing as ‘pure Islam,’. I’m sure you are aware that to be a muslim, one only need to believe and say, in front of witnesses the Shahdah " There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger" —after that, who gets to say who is a pure Muslim? You? Or perhaps an ayatollah of one of the many Islamic sects in disagreement with one another?

Yes, I can understand the difference, and have been aware of much of it for over 50 years, when I first encountered Islam. Came across quite a bit more information around 40 years ago as well as over the last ten years or so.

I challenge you because you are claiming to be a revisionist historian with an original point of view . A pretty startling claim, which requires pretty startling original evidence to be given credence.

I await your evidence before making further comment to you on this matter.

PS to which hadith (literally; talk/discourse/tradition) do you refer? There is no consensus within Islam which Hadith is true and which is not.


From your last posts, I know you good enough to come to this conclusion that you are only a Muslim in disguise here.

Therefore, no more discussion with your from my side.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha… Original islam? You mean the Islam before Muhammad where all the early Mosques face Petra and not Mecca? Do you mean the early Quaran that already existed during the life of Muhammad as in the copy preserved in Birmingham, England? Is this an admission that the Islamic history of the bullshit fable of Muhammad is made up? When you say “Original Islam,” are you referring to that Islam before all the versions of the Quaran were destroyed and one official state version was created that everyone was forced to follow? What is this “original version thing” you speak of?

Oh for fuck sake, you know nothing about me, and that suits me fine.

From YOUR posts it’s glaringly evident that you remain an ignorant Muslim apologist . Works both ways dickhead.


How did you get 4 significant digits?

Presumably you know about it (since you’re telling us about it). Leading to the conclusion that you are a Muslim; which seems to contradict much of what you have told us.

Are you one of those people who just make up numbers?


Going by his conclusion that I must be a Muslim, I suspect our new little friend has little if any experience in reasoned discourse. Nor even a passing understanding of scholarly method.

I’m willing to give odds of 5:1 on the cited statistics are pure fantasy.

99.99% of all statistics are made up on the spot. :sunglasses:

What objective evidence can you demonstrate to support this claim?

Personally I disbelieve in the Islamic deity for the same reason I disbelieve in all other deities, there is no objective evidence to support it.

The fact that like most other religions it involves pernicious beliefs and practices, does not of course make it false. I also am skeptical that significant numbers of people abandon their religious beliefs because they recognise it contains pernicious beliefs dogma doctrine and practices, this has not been my experience of people indoctrinated into faith based religions, that claim moral ascendancy lies in a divinely inspired archaic book.

If it were the case, why have these vile pernicious superstitious tomes persevered for so long, despite the obviously abhorrent pernicious and immoral content?

Though I am dubious about your ad hoc claims that most adherents don’t know about such practices, I’m even more skeptical that significant numbers would leave Islam because of them, rather than either view them as a reasonable consequence of those beliefs, or try to wave such practices away with the no true Scotsman fallacy.

In my limited experience, those two reactions are far more often the responses theists tend to make, when confronted with accusation of pernicious behaviours of their religion’s adherents. The idea they would abandon their beliefs in significant numbers seems extremely dubious.

This isn’t part of the theistic mindset. How many catholics have become atheists after learning of the RCC’s endemic child rape by its priests?

I’m guessing it’s not a significant amount, though many might have had their unshakable faith in the church itself weakened of course.


Just so. However, I think people are more likely to simply leave the church. As far as I can tell, many share my idiot cousin and rabid catholic’s view: : IE that the sex scandals have occurred because of weak and immoral men who happen to be priests. That the scandal does not invalidate the teachings. In context ,easily the most rational words I’ve ever heard my cousin utter.

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