Simple but very Effective Approach to refute Muslims when they boast about early Muslim Scientists

It is a nightmare where I see how kids are brainwashed in Muslim countries about their golden age of Islamic science and early Muslim scientists.
Muslims indulge in very lengthy debates upon it, which are at the end not fruitful.
But here I have found a perfect and simplest and shortest way to refute their claim and to close all the escape doors for them.


Credit of Earlier Muslim Scientists does not goes to “Islam”, but to the translated work of ancient Greek/Roman Scientists

  • None of earlier Muslim scientist ever claimed that he extracted even a single thing about science from Quran or Hadith.

  • Till the Abbasid Caliphate, there emerged no Muslim scientist. Later Muslims came in contact with Greek/Roman scientific work in Egypt, and Caliph Mamun ordered to translate those books from other languages into Arabic. Only after that Muslim scientists started to emerge.

  • Muslims claim that Sahaba (companions) of Muhammad and Tabaeen (generation after the companions) were the best of Muslim Generations. But those Sahaba & Tabaeen (and the next 5 Muslim generations too) read Quran and Hadith whole of their lives, but were unable to extract a single science from Quran/Hadith.

Damages that Islam inflicted upon the Science

  • Islam made whole Islamic world to get the religious education like a donkey. As a result, Islam produced millions of Islamic Scholars, who were involved only in Fiqh and Sectarian fights during last 1400 years of history of Islam.

  • As compared to those millions of Islamic Scholars, Islam was unable to produce even a handful of scientists.

  • And you will not see even a single women in the list of those earlier Muslim scientists of last 1400 years. This is the real damage that was caused by Islam, where it closed the doors of scientific education upon women by claiming that she is deficient in intelligence, or closed the doors in name of “modesty” that she should stay at home.

  • And then Islam prohibited the study of Human Anatomy in name of “respect” to the deceased person. It caused a lot of damage to the medical field for centuries.

  • And then Islam also made life difficult for many Muslim scientists too due to their sects or atheist leanings. Ibn Sina was hiding whole of his life, and he had to write his books in this state of hiding. Al-Razi was hit at his head from his own books in the mosque. Ibn-e-Rushd got the punishment for being an atheist. Yaqub al-Kindi lashed in the public.

  • And even today, schools in the Muslim countries are teaching this to the children that Theory of Evolution by Darwin is wrong, and Allah directly sent humans to the earth after woman from crooked rib of man deceived him to eat the forbidden apple.

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Well a slam dunk to debunk the idea that Islam is in any way validated by science would be to ask why the global scientific community are not claiming this, and why aren’t all scientists Muslims? Indeed why are only Muslims claiming this, why aren’t scientists everywhere converting to Islam?

In fact I think it would be fair to ask why Islam had to wait until science discovered these ideas, before they pointed them out in the Koran?

Edit: I don’t mean to suggest scientific discoveries were ever in the Koran of course. That’s palpable nonsense.

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Exactly. That is the main point.

Your working too hard. 1. None of the scientific statements asserted by Muslims in the Quaran are clearly stated. 2. Those that seem to be are generally being misquoted. 3. There is nothing written in the Quaran that was not known by the science of the time. Nothing.

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Muslims in the golden age of Islam were not so much discoverers, but rediscoverers, taking much from India ,but brilliant just the same… This golden age began around the 8th century and ended as the European renaissance began.

I am unaware of any original discoveries or ideas [of any kind] in either the quran or the bible.

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Re-discoverers? How about conquering barbarians usurping the knowledge of previous cultures as they converted the known world to Islam? It may have been a golden age for Islam but it was pretty dismal for everyone else.

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Indeed. But I can’t help but say ‘so what?’ The renaissance was also a golden age—If you happened to be an elite european catholic------ the height of the Roman empire with its roads and Pax Romana was pretty spiffy if you were a patrician—not so much if you happened to be a slave or one of the hoi poloi Roman citizens. Life for them remained nasty and brutish and short.

Imo, religion may be reasonably blamed for mans’ misery only to a point. It’s my perception that each believer in each faith decides the emphasis his/her faith will take. That as a rule of thumb believers tend to cherry pick their religious beliefs to justify literally any behaviour. Surely a matter of degree, depending at least partly on how much power the individual has.

I’ve based this position on how we humans actually behave together with the observation that we seem incapable of consistent rational thought.