Should atheists actively challenge religious beliefs?

Sheldon, you have called me both dishonest and absurd without any good evidence.


A massive irony overload there as well, there may soon be a world shortage of irony at this rate, he’s using it all up.

Quote anyone claiming “universal truth” comes out of any book?

NEWSFLASH! I never mentioned universal truth…at all I never even claimed truth comes from a dictionary.

Another tedious straw man.

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@carusmm I have called you neither, I can only suggest you read the posts again, more carefully.

Ok, folks, it’s definitely time to get back to debating the subject of the OP and set aside the bickering.


It’s a logical fallacy to appeal to authority. Your use of a dictionary is like a religious person’s use of a holy book, bullshit.

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I made no appeal to authority, and what else but a dictionary are we to use for the common usage of word definitions?

Anyway I’m going for food, as you clearly don’t want to debate anything…

Reason is the enemy of faith. - Martin Luther

Sheldon, you have faith in your dictionary. Go for your food, cop-out.

Skriten, I’m sorry but I was talking to the subject. Rationalism is a disease of the mind.

Sheldon can act with impunity against me, apparently. Go for it,Sheldon, water off a duck’s back

Carusmm has been placed in time out for two weeks.


If anyone’s interested it was homemade chicken soup, coming to the last of it now. "two roast dinners from the chicken, and then soup from the carcass that lasted me 4 days (2 bowls a day). It was pretty good if I do say so.

Oh and I think all ideas should be challenged, all the time. If they are shared publicly then so should religious beliefs, why not? Pernicious beliefs and ideas should always be challenged.

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I decided to change my answer to No. Because I want to live in a world where it’s not up for debate because people are all in agreement already on the matter. :slight_smile: so I’ll lead by example… we all already agree to disbelieve in god/s so there’s nothing to debate on that topic. Lol but I’ll probably change my answer back again to yes later. I’m In a mood tonight :slight_smile:

Well I guess you probably know that what you want and what is, practically speaking, likely to occur are starkly different things. By taking the affirmative here you might bring them closer together.
Then again, you might be “in a mood tonight” and cause more harm than good…

Edit: glad I could clarify

Post deleted because it was no longer relevant to the thread which had skittered away from the original question.