Should atheists actively challenge religious beliefs?

(Copied and pasted. I made this debate using ChatGPT AI. I agree with what is written. I left out position 2. But it’s a no of course.)

Position 1: Yes, atheists should actively challenge religious beliefs.

Argument: Religious beliefs often have a negative impact on society, promoting intolerance, discrimination, and even violence towards certain groups of people. By actively challenging religious beliefs, atheists can promote rational thinking, scientific inquiry, and a more tolerant and just society. Moreover, by speaking out against religion, atheists can provide support and representation for other non-believers who may feel isolated or marginalized.

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I actively challenge religious beliefs. However, time and place are everything. I would not randomly challenge a street preacher. However, if the same preacher was in the same place every day, I would know his presentation points and nail him to the wall. I have a dream of standing across from a preacher and matching him Bible verse to Bible verse.

I would not go into a church and begin a protest, though I have seen it done. I would stand outside a church and offer information. But I would do so peacefully and only to those interested. I would never upset my host, were I at a friend’s home or the friend of a friend. I might not pray before a meal, but I would be quiet and allow the ritual to proceed without interrupting it.

The point is… I have my comfort zone and I pick my own battles. I am not running around with an angry at religion chip on my shoulder.

So when do I challenge theism.
When it is inappropriate. Social comments that are unwanted. "God bless you’ in a supermarket line. ‘Have a blessed day!’ as a goodbye. Random god expressions outside of Church. I would oppose an offer of prayer in court, or at a city council meeting. I would refuse to pray at a sports event.


It, whatever it is, believes in a higher power. Obviously, not reason or humour. It is pointless to debate the religious.

Then what on earth are you doing posting in a debate forum?


If you believe that, then don’t do it…Many here have been liberated from the mental bondage of religion directly or indirectly as a result of those willing to debate theists and make those debate proceedings available to the public. It is not reasonable to think that you are going to completely change someone else’s beliefs through a single debate. If you comport yourself well and present sound logical arguments, making that information available may indeed be the best you can hope for. As pretentious as some might view it, the truth is that many atheists know this and are looking at the bigger picture rather than the self-aggrandizement of “beating” a theist into submission.
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I only challenge religious beliefs when people are trying to shove it down my throat or they show up at my house wanting me to listen to them peddle their bullshit message.

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(cue the Jehovah’s Witness characters) “Sir, have you prepared for what comes after you die?”
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I challenge religious beliefs when they cause harm to people.

The Muslim religious prohibition against eating pork harms no one (and, arguably, does good as the meat industry contributes to global warming), but the religious obligation to commit an honor killing of your own daughter because she had sex before marriage is the definition of a harmful belief that I would challenge.

So, I have no quarrel with religious belief as long as it doesn’t harm other people.

I see the Texas prohibition of abortion–even when the mother’s life is threatened–in the same light as a Muslim honor killing.

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A cryptic remark or message contains a hidden meaning or is difficult to understand.

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Yeah hidden meanings.

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I won’t bang my head up against a wall when I could be doing something useful.

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Are you saying that debate with a theist is to bang your head against a wall and isn’t useful?

If so, I disagree. There are so very many folks who are beginning to emerge from the trap of religion. That they can read or view debates during which theist nonsense is called out is quite useful. It supports them in their journey. It teaches. It enlightens. It provides a safety net. It demonstrates that they are not alone.


Half a million Jews would disagree with you. :slight_smile:


It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into. -
Jonathan Swift

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If I say, Jesus loved himself, one half of you would get the joke, and the other half would think that I was just being blasphemous.

If I say, I’d die for a man like Jesus, no-one would think it funny.

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Stupid is as stupid does - Forrest Gump.

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