Should atheists actively challenge religious beliefs?

The sooner that we cut through the bullshit, the sooner that we get to the crux of the matter.

Just what do you think the crux of the matter is?

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Bullshit, just more and more bullshit.

Can you be more specific?

All truths are not relative, something is either true or not, it is a binary condition, and how sure we are is dependant on the amount of objective evidence that can be demonstrated to support it. I do not argue around anything, I utilize critical thinking to ensure that I believe as many true things as possible, but try not to make claims or hold beliefs I cannot myself demonstrate sufficient evidence for.

And you think ignoring responses to your claims, while espousing generic vapid platitudes like this will do that?

This is looking more and more like trolling.

Sheldon, objectivity does not exist.

Not as an absolute no, but then I never claimed it did. However word definitions do exist and you have posted definitions of agnosticism and nihilism that are not even close to correct, are you going to address those? You don’t get to just reel off claims endlessly, and simply roll on when they are challenged, that’s not debate. You made several claims about people who are religious that are flat out wrong.

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And there can be “alternative facts”…are you actually Kellyanne Conway?

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CyberLN, the religious enjoy all sorts of bullshit but they especially like to spread it around.

Some do, some don’t. What’s your point?

CyberLN, my point is that most atheists are as religious as the religious.

The religious are full of shit period

That’s not debate, that’s simply bigoted abuse.

Sheldon, objectivity definitely does not exist.

As far as I am concerned, Sheldon, I wouldn’t trust you as far as I could spit you, you are simply not honest.

Since you just made this claim a few minutes ago, here is my previous response that you’ve completely ignored.

If you post the same claim a third time, while ignoring the response that’s spamming and I will flag the post.

This is trolling, and it has been flagged.

Only a troll calls out other people as trolls.

The shit is deep here.

@carusmm, I would accept your post if you had concatenated it with “IMO”. However, as is, you are making an assertion and I request you back it up with data.

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