Shall We Gather By the River?

Well, now… What do we have here?.. (walking around the room)… A new AR site, huh?.. (flipping light switches off and on)… (opening and closing doors)… (looking through desk drawers)… Well, quite interesting, I must say. Quite a few bells, whistles, and gadgets, that’s for sure. Come on, folks! Let’s give it a shot! We have a new place to explore! :smiley:


Only if it is in a van down by the river!


I :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: the new toy! I promise I won’t break it! Can’t say the same for Tin though - he already fucked up the tv player thingy!!!

Edited to add: I tried again but nooooo, Canada :canada: is left out once again! Is this a great US product? OR fuck you
China product … sorry…:sob:…I’m happy and frustrated and confused and excited …it’s a tough day for an old dog

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Ok, bounces on bed there’s parking fr my trike. It seems there is no room for prejudices anymore. I hate that lack of storage.

Lots of living room and the couches seem to be organised properly now not just thrown around randomly. I see WHITEFIRE has already broken the TV with content that can’t be seen in Australia. sigh bloody woman is always stuffing things up.

There is no bio anymore that I can find so my extreme fucking grumpiness at preachers will just have to come as a great fucking shock to any drive by theists.

I like meat pies so I claim the oven.

WOW, at least we are using standard mark ups to modify text!


Oh their gawd, this is weird, I feel like I’ve woken up stoned, with a massive hangover, naked, in a strange place…again… :sunglasses:

Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound…


I’m still trying to figure out how to navigate this place. I feel like I’ve been thrown into the middle of a fun-house hall of mirrors while wearing “drunk goggles” and amped up on half a case of Red Bull drinks.

@Nyar Re: Van down by the river

Saw that vid a long time ago. For the life of me I don’t know how they managed to keep from totally losing it during that skit. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Shiiiiiiiit!!!.. Every time I hit a different button I feel like I’m getting sucked into another dimension. A new screen pops up and I look around and go, “WHERE THE FUCK AM I???”

Dont mind me Tin, just looking at how replies line up…if this one will come after your comment to Nyar about the Van down by the river…mmm ended up after the following post "WHERE THE FUCK AM I…so it looks like replies arent attached to specific posts and just stacked in chronological order?..whoa it does both. leaves a reply tag on the original reply to Nyar and in chronological order…is that blood coming out my ears? :crazy_face:

I feel like I am moving from the neo-Pleistocene to the Bronze Age…

I feel like I’m moving through a twisted version of “The Matrix”.

Hey its great! You can click on the “unread topic” button and it does a countdown…whoo! No more scrolling! I guess the replies button (in color noi less) will do the same.

Ok impressed but what will I do with all that extra time?

Ah I know…fits two extra chimp proof locks to bathroom door he can go outside under the lemon tree…

OH, WOW! On my computer now! This is AWESOME! Super-Kew-wel! :sunglasses: :star_struck: Much easier to navigate here rather than on my phone. Sweeeeet!

@White Re: “I promise I won’t break it! Can’t say the same for Tin though - he already fucked up the tv player thingy!!!”

Nope wasn’t me. Talk with Nyar about the vid. I haven’t fucked up anything… (yet). Fret not, though, because the day is still young, and I have not yet fully had a chance to do much exploring here. Rest assured, if there is anything here that can be destroyed by accident, then I am over-qualified for the job. The ancient and outdated circuits clanging around in my noggin still operate on vacuum tubes. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:They are definitely non-compatible with modern computer systems.

Already been having fun in a couple of other threads with the bells and whistles. Enjoy the results!

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IC, so you believe in supernatural things…hmmmmm. :stuck_out_tongue:

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So you are awake now …and putting that sharp monkey :monkey: mind to work against “award winning” Tin…
Let me remind you that Tin “feels” (subjective based) like he’s in the “matrix”

Hmmmm re reading Tinhead’s comment YES a slight exaggeration here … a twisted version of “the Matrix”

Goddamn it !!! Where’s a fucking theist!!!

I gave them all some koolaid.


@doG Re: Supernatural Matrix

…(groan)… (face palm)… Careful, doG, you are letting your ignorance show. The Matrix is NOT supernatural. EVERYBODY (except you, obviously) knows the Matrix is stone-cold science, dude. So your suggesting I believe in a supernatural Matrix is just plain silly. Please stop. You’re embarrassing yourself. :pensive: I suppose the next thing you’ll be saying is that The Emerald City is just a painted backdrop in a movie. Sheesh! :roll_eyes:




The Emerald City is just a painted backdrop in a movie.

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@dogalmighty Re: “The Emerald City is just a painted backdrop in a movie.”

Aaaaarrrrg! :hot_face: That’s it, buster! Them’s fightin’ words! Gloves are coming off now!.. (looking at hands)… Well, shit. I ain’t wearin’ any gloves. DAMMIT!.. (throwing hands up in exasperation)… :persevere:

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