Sex Change Please

That word is SO outdated. The proper term is “gender reassignment”. Now, as an atheist with a degree in religious studies, I don’t believe that Christianity - in particular addresses the issue of sex change (seeing as it is a more “modern” phenomenon). In fact my niece asked me just the other day, “if I get tired of this can I pray to Jesus for that?” And I told her (bless her little naive heart). I said “Gwenith,” (her name is “Gwenith”), “you can ask Jesus for ANYTHING YOU WANT … except that.” Now, that was a real EYE OPENER for me and I really thought to my self - “is there a way to address the issue of gender reassignment in a way that doesn’t exclude the greater majority of the Western Hemisphere?” And I STILL haven’t come up with an answer. So, a few questions …

As atheists what is your “view” on “gender” “reassignment” “?” And how do you feel about praying to Jesus for a swap (if you prefer to call it that)? Is it just me, or are the Christians WAYYYYYYYYYY behind the times?

Thanks yallll - ratty :rat:

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It has no effect on my life what gender someone is. I could care less.

Obviously Christians see it as a sin in their silly ass book.

Romans 1:18–32
1 Corinthians 6:9–10
Deuteronomy 22:5
1 Corinthians 6:9

What do you mean? They’re never “catching up”. They’re never going to fully adapt. Religion holds people back.


I am a healthcare professional, and I am for supporting people who need gender reassignment.

Everybody thinks that gender is decided by a penis and testicles vs. a vagina and clitoris . . . but I think that there’s more to it than that.

Chromosomes determine sexual identity as well . . . with men having XY sex chromosomes and women having XX sex chromosomes.

Well . . . this creates problems with the religious right.

A man can have Kleinfelter Syndrome, which means that he has XXY chromosomes. Do we judge him if he turns out homosexual or trans? His genetic material is at least as relevent as his penis and testicles.

Even better, what about an XXXY man?

Below are images of Tula, a European supermodel who started off as a man with XXXY chromosomes.



She was a James Bond girl who starred in a movie with him (it may have been “Moonraker”, but I’m not sure).

So, why do we pay so much attention to genitals (including judging people) while ignoring the genetics?

Ironically, I think the Bible was essentially correct when it talks about ‘men’ and ‘women’ being distinct, with no grey areas.

This is because I believe (and please note that I said “believe”, and not “know”) that this is because of modern medicine.

Women had more miscarriages in the past because there was no prenatal care. Today, prenatal care means that there are better odds for people with genetic abnormalities to survive, so we see more examples of people like Tula.

And so what?

Why should it bother anyone if such a person want’s their gender reaffirmed through surgery? Women get fake breasts all of the time.


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I really hate to admit my own naivety, but for years I thought “sex change operation” referred to the practice of having multiple sex partners and I was “all in” for something like that. You can of course, imagine my dismay when I discovered the truth…

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Tula was even photographed for Playboy magazine.


She appeared on the cover more than once . . . and this was in the early 1980s.

With 3 X chromosomes to one Y chromosome, is it really fair to say that she had a mental disorder by wanting surgery to be a woman?


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The bible also doesn’t say anything about …
*The Rapture
*Easter (The Death and Resurrection???) It mean ‘Passover’ in the Bible.
*An apple in the garden
*Adam was the first man
*3 Wise men (There were 3 gifts.)
*A whale swallowed Jonah (It was a big fish. I’m betting on a grouper.)

*Money is the root of all evil (Not in the Bible) Timothy 6:10, The love of money is… (A lot of Churches are therefore self professed evil doers.)

*Scripture tells us, “This too shall pass.” Except it doesn’t.

*God works in mysterious ways? Not according to the Bible.

*Love the sinner. Hate the sin. Ha ha ha … The Bible just says “Kill the Sinner.”

*Be in the world, not of the world. (Not Biblical)

*God helps those who help themselves. (Not Biblical) [Romans 5:8] is the exact opposite. While we were still sinners and unable to help ourselves,

  • Jesus Was Born in a Stable (Not in the Bible.)

*The Trinity - God exists in 3 forms (Non-Biblical)

  • The “AntiChrist,” Not a thing. It references people. Anyone opposing Christianity. Another word for … YEP! You guessed it! ATHIST. [John 1:7], [1 John 2:18] [1 [1 John 4:3]

  • Devil’s name is Lucifer. (NOPE) It references the planet Venus.

*The Bible Clearly States That Marriage Is Between One Man and One Woman NOPE Wrong again banana breath. (Reference the Attachment. Too much to write about.)

I’m just getting bored. I could literally list about 20 more. At least 20.


Literally or actually?

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Yes. Or, realistically, plainly, correctly, comptently, verily, positivly, beyond doubt, legitimately, indubitably, categorically, …


Thank you. That more or less satisfies…

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