Seeking Publisher for a Book

I have ready a manuscript about all the reasons why Noah’s Ark would not work in reality. It started as an essay, but ballooned to book length as I studied various and sundry ways to disprove the Great Flood myth - geology, geography, biology, zoology, history and shipbuilding. I have sent proposals to dozens of publishers, but so far have gotten either “No thanks” or crickets. Anybody have an idea for a publisher that would be interested? I have considered self-publishing, but a) that’s expensive and b) self-published books seldom do well.


Perhaps it’s a metaphor for a high capacity thumb drive…

Here is Daver again: Forgive his intrusion. He is venting his anger and getting owned in the debate room.

There are a couple of writers on the site. I’m sure someone will get with you.

My publishing has been short stories and articles in the mainstream. My books are all academic. That’s not real writing, as the author has a captive audience. I have published 3 times academically.

In the mainstream, my articles were picked up by books and magazines that wanted to use them. Apparently, I’m funny. It’s not just my right foot like everyone says. Hang in there. People do write on the site.

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I’m just trying to have me some fun, thanks for adding to it. An attitude of gratitude.

Ask an AI for help. Self-publishing is becoming the norm. It’s like TikTok and YouTube.

You just keep having fun. At some point, the magical powers in the sky will swoop in and relieve you of your ability to participate. There is a way to have fun and a way to be annoying. One sure way to be annoying is to refuse to respond to direct questions and then bounce around the site having fun. Hey! Good luck to you. You will probably get the same reaction from the folks around here that you have gotten from folks everywhere. Nothing new, I’m sure.

It probably won’t take much longer.

The one thread with Sheldon, and I was not too bad, but all over the site with the same “Loger? What do you mean longer? Longer than what? Isn’t that a relative term? Is there an objective longer? Is the objective longer shorter than a subjective longer and how long should he wait for an answer?”

A total lack of creativity and imagination! *I’m going to send Daver one of those flyers for Skriten’s creative expressions for the verbally challenged courses. I thought I heard they were starting up again.