Scott Adams' Racist Rant

I wonder how many papers are going to drop Dilbert over Adam’s racist rant? The Cleveland Plain Dealer has already done so.

Something chilling about his casual, matter of fact tone. So many authors with such dark sides. I don’t think I can ever look at Dilbert the same. The quandary of separating the work from the man.

I’ve never liked Dilbert in the first place.

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What is he going to do about Hispanic Americans? Chinese/Japanese Americans? Native Indian Americans? Where do the divisions stop in his mind?

Ummm. All of them it looks like. He has not changed since he was canceled in 2014. Only gotten worse, imho. What a way to ruin your career.

This is definitely something he should have kept to himself.

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In Canada :canada: this cartoon is most appropriate right now…

EDIT … a political cartoonist did “Dilbert”