School Shootings Drastically Reduced!

School Shootings Drastically Reduced!

The first thing you have to understand, there are no “black or white” situations. Here, in the midst of now November, and a black fucking time, we see the president’s unsung victory. Yes, there is at least one. Though accidental and unplanned.

In 46 weeks this year, there have been 45 school shootings

By Elizabeth Wolfe and Christina Walker, CNN

Updated 4:13 AM EST, Tue November 19, 2019

The title of a report made 1 year ago this month.

COVID-19, as bad as it is with around 225,000 US deaths now reported, and Trump’s total fuckup, actually has made the rampant spate of school and mass shootings drop profoundly.

A very light bit gray in a very dark gray, not black, situation.

Of course the country will either change dramatically or sink into the ocean very soon. Both metaphorically and physically.

As bad of a president as sits in the big chair, a spotlight is strongly on what’s there and what led to it being in place.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” James Baldwin

An adroit and wonderful way of expressing my point by Mr. James Baldwin.

But added, “Letting go and or knowing what is there but deciding to see avert your gaze”, is culpability to the acts and or actions.

And an absolutely inhuman way of being morally and thinking of those equally deserving of more rights.

Open those eyes and push the changes you know are right and just.

But always done humanely and with forethought, and never the thoughtless kneejerk shit you are against and that you wish to change.

The end isn’t nigh, but 100 Seconds on the Doomsday Clock means it’s too fucking close.

Do not be culpable in your or other’s abuses, fear, pain and lack of rights or justice.

Stand tall for you and for those equally deserving around you!

Keep those eyes open and push the changes!

We have a necessary break in school, but nothing else has changed there, let’s not put that back on our youth when schools can safely open, let’s make sure they “safely” do!

Good luck out there

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That is an interesting observation concerning school shootings. But one is one too many, and I did a quick look to see how many there were in the US. Too many.

Yes, Trump may be a contributing factor in the presumed drop in school shootings. Have we factored in Covid? You can’t have school shootings if the kids are not at school.

The last part of your post was difficult to understand, they just seem like a lot of quotes or inspirational sayings.

In the same vein, global thermonuclear war would greatly reduce the number of incidents of sexual assault. That doesn’t make it desirable.

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I was thinking the same thing. Or ice cream leads to drowning…

–and you are?

What can I say to such an hyperbolic post in bold? Yes, I know; I just live for demagoguery

I presume you’re American. If so, I’m not ,so perhaps start taking the medication again.


School shooting reduced? ONE school shooting is a national shame.


School shootings; NONE

Last mass shooting of any kind: 1996

Coincidentally, within weeks of the 1996 massacre my government had introduced through tough new gun laws. It is now almost impossible to legally own any fire arm. Farmers may have say a .22 for shooting vermin such as kangaroos and foxes. No semi or full automatics.

Australia has no Bill Of Rights. So we have no Second Amendment to be egregiously, wilfully misinterpreted by gun nuts and naive people who have the quaint belief that owning a gun makes them safe.


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The UK had a similar learning curve after the Hungerford shootings and then even worse, a mass shooting at a primary school in Dunblane.

To own a firearms licence now is very tough, and automatic and semi-automatic weapons, no chance. When I see photographs of US citizens with loaded semi automatic rifles slung across their chest in public it turns my blood cold.


I was trained in the use of several firearms . (army) From a rifle to a Karl Gustave anti tank. I like and admire some guns for their elegance and skills needed to make them. However, the very thought of civilians with guns scares me shitless. I have never permitted any guns on my property.

En masse, civilians with guns are really fucking STOOPID. Far too many have a frighteningly casual attitude to the guns they own. Plus many seem to have a death wish, in even thinking they can go again trained modern troops with their armed drones.

If you haven’t seen it, there is a great clip on Youtube about gun control, with Jim Jeffries

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