School punishing child over parents' actions

Hi guys:

A Catholic school expelled a straight ‘A’ child because the parents were at odds with certain nuances of the Catholic religion. Please see below:

I was very angry when I read this. Please . . . what are your thoughts?

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Catholic schools are private… (That is my first response without reading the article.) A restaurant can refuse service to anyone for any reason. This is the nature of a private business. A religious school is not held to the same standards as a public school. Remember that whole separation of church and state thing?

Now, I have read the article and it makes perfectly good sense to me. Remember, Jesus loves you, but only if you love him back. If you don’t, you are a fucking heathen and deserving of eternal damnation. So fuck off and die. That’s Christian unconditional love. No surprises here at all. Also nothing illegal. Welcome to freedom. And the reason we should not allow the US government to support religious institutions as 'THEY ARE CURRENTLY DOING."


I agree with you.

There seems to be a downward trend in religious affiliation in this country.

I like diversity, but I really hope this trend continues to the point where religious schools start to shutter their doors. I really do.

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Are there state or national laws that govern what faith schools can teach or offer any laws on censorship of reading material, if not then the how I feel is how I have always felt, and that is that archaic superstitions and the ignorance and bigotry they peddle should not be allowed any voice within a child’s state education. If people want to subject their children to religious bigotry then take them to church or confine it the home, but a child’s education should not involve religion other than in a broad and secular teaching of the facts.

There’s nothing left to say about the RCC really, who for centuries turned a blind eye to the endemic rape and abuse of children in their care by their own priests, then peddle homophobic bigotry, they belong to a different millennia, don’t waste time trying to reform them, they’re institutionally incapable of putting the welfare of people ahead of the dogma and doctrine of their archaic superstition.

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This kind of circles back to my favourite question for theists.
If a child has bone cancer, is it because parents have done something wrong in the past, or because their faith is being tested.
They usually jump to answer “yes” without any consideration of justification for such act. Even in their theologies, child is usually saved.

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes… (shrugging shoulders)… Private school. They can reject whoever they want. Maybe look at it in a “positive” way, though. Hopefully it will now make the parents and child better see the blatant ridiculous hypocrisy of their religion. Possibly even make other parents take notice. At the very least, it would seem the “school” has planted a dark seed all on its own. In some ways, we should be grateful for such events, because they are doing some of our work for us.


You know what they say, “The worst advertisement for christianity is christians”. I doubt that the kid will forget the way he was treated. With their falling numbers they’re still shoving people out their doors. Good.

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Thank you all very much.

Their holy book says that god will punish people who worship false gods, and will also punish their descendant stopping after their great-great grand children (in some places, in other places it contradicts this, of course) Exodus 20:5:

Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.

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See? THAT’S the spirit! :relaxed: