Saudi Arabia is threatening Netflix

As usual the religtards over in the Middle East are throwing a tantrum about Netflix and Disney promoting “gay” characters and that violates the Sharia Law of their bullshit religion. It’s pretty simple. If a tv show offends you, don’t watch it.

Now you’re asking too much. Just the fact that gay people exist defies their gods powers. It shows that gods are not all powerful which undermines their credibility the more it becomes commonplace and acceptable. Same thing with abortion, it undermines their god(s) power if it even exists. If someone threatens your money-making power center are you going to let them take that away? Hell no, greed drives you to push that shit down!

Just the title of that made me laugh. What in the hell could Saudi Arabia possibly do to Netflix? Can you even imagine that Netflix gives a damn about what Saudi Arabia thinks? I have a solution, let’s just stop selling them computers, cell phones, and TVs.

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Netflix should just play a continuous loop of three movies in Saudi Arabia. The Adam Sandler movie “Don’t Mess With the Zohan”, followed with Sacha Baron Cohen’s “The Dictator”, then culminating in “Bruno”.


Netflix could just stop doing business in Saudi Arabia and the gulf states.

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Jordan Peterson in Canada says similar garbage.

You’re generous, I would just cut off all trade. Considering their track record on human rights issues and their government that is only propped up by foreign governments to get cheap oil prices.

whoa , whoa. Lets not blame capitalism.

-Religions are real. Gods are not real.

lmao I loved The Dictator. Funny as hell, especially this scene!

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That idiot opens his mouth and garbage flows out. Still, not getting the Saudi market is not going to hurt Netflix at all.

Netflix will continue to be an up and down business. The only thing it really has is Brand Recognition by the masses. I have many Netflix accounts … for fun, once Netflix has VPN detection… I will have none.

P.S My neighbor has okay wifi, it works for me, it’s fast enough.