Santa Clause Verses the God of the Old Testament

I am posting this debate in Random Fun for obvious reasons but if the mods want to move it elsewhere that’s okay.
I propose that there is more evidence to support the existence for Santa Clause than God. Although both Santa and God share common characteristics Santa has a longer lasting and stronger influence than God. For example even after people no longer believe in Santa they continue to celebrate his spirit. Many cities in North America even have Santa Clause Parades and armies of Santas’ hold court in shopping malls across the land listening to the desires of children. Believers in God also pour out their desires in the form of prayer but ask yourself which one delivers the goods! Santa hands down or down the chimney. God is often described as a genocidal maniac Santa is described as a jolly old elf. Santa fills people with Christmas cheer God fills people with Christian fear. Anyone want to disagree?

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Of course there is. The existence of Tim Allen is well-documented.


A pastor saying Santa doesn’t exist can actually make good Texas christians want to punch him in the face. I wanted him punched in the face too. Isn’t it nice when we can find common ground with christians?

What in the hell did that jack ass truly believe he was accomplishing. Aside from hoping for publicity and a lawsuit if someone had punched him in the mouth all he did was piss people off. Good ole Texas Christians.