Russia and the anti gay sentiment

LOL - Russia in USA politics … Canada in Russian politics WELCOME to the global system of communication

Perhaps “Putin” will just slap a “fake news” label on our Ambassador as he gathers lifelong (dictatorship) political control over Russia with the support of the Russian Orthodox Church :church:



…and I thought an executioner pathogen driven worldwide pandemic would bring all people together…LOL.

Instead…people use religious irrationality for their own needs.

Just fucken sad.

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Fucking Canadians. There they go again with all their bullshit interfering with other nations. Why in the hell can’t they just be satisfied hunting moose and drinking beer. Sheesh. Every time you turn around some damn Canadian is interfering is world politics once again. Damn NOSY Canadians!

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The anti-gay sentiment is strong enough in Russia for Putin to leverage it. The big picture is that he is modifying the constitution so he can remain in power until 2036. Yes, the anti-gay is an issue, but it is more of a smoke screen.

Putin also tied it to “pension security”…

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: lol :stuck_out_tongue::crazy_face::grin::smiley::yum::kissing_closed_eyes::grinning:

My “body” is still to short … this should fix it :slightly_smiling_face:

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In Bruges is a fantastic film, always like Brendan Gleeson. Another brilliant comedy he was in is The Guard, seriously funny, with Don Cheadle.

You had me at “Colin Farrell”. sigh

The funniest thing Farrell has ever done, is to play Alexander the great in a 3 hour film with an unstinting Irish accent. You have to be fucking handsome to pull that off… :smile: :wink:

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I have the same complaint with my legs. They have shrunk over the years. The legs are simply too long in every pair of jeans/trousers I try on.

When I wore a younger man’s clothes,I was stock 36 short,with a 32 inch waist.

These days I look like a pastie with legs, or a pregnant Volkswagen when reclining.

PS “The Australian Women’s Weekly” has been published monthly for over twenty years. At the time,they wisely decided not to change the name.

I make pastries :moon_cake: hmmmmm.


I do too but not often. Mine are nothing like the traditional Cornish pasty, which is poor man’s food with very little very low grade meat, lots of turnip, and thick short crust pastry. It is said that a Cornish pasty should be able to survive being dropped down a mine shaft

I also cheat by using store bought puff pastry, which I’ve never been able to make. Up to about 10 years ago, I would take a few dozen miniature pasties to parties.

Currently have some excellent store bought pasties and meat pies in my freezer.It’s winter here ;13 C today. Perfect for a meat pie and over fries.

Lol. It’s summer here 13c! Yesterday - today we got to 20!


Last time I was in Canada was in 1990. Staying on Salt Spring Island, BC . It was considered an Indian Summer. One day it got to 80F. The kids insisted on going swimming in the lake. I stuck my foot in. It was so cold it removed all feeling from my foot.

Here 80 F is considered pleasantly warm. 90 F is considered perfect beach weather , although one really must wear sun screen,and be vigilant for sharks.***

Over the last decade, summer temperatures in Adelaide have reached over 100 F for a week at a time. THAT is considered unpleasant. One stays indoors with one’s air conditioner set at max. I have three. The largest is three horse power. Expensive to run but a lot better since I installed my 5 KW solar power system.

*** A lot of tripe is written about sharks in Australia . Very few people actually get eaten. They tend to be tourists, which isn’t all that upsetting to the rest of us. Besides, there are shark patrols on urban beaches all over OZ. From light planes and helicopters. There is usually plenty of warning,and a piercing siren. Everyone knows the siren means “Shark! Get the fuck out of the water, NOW!!!”

The only other things at my local beaches to be careful of is the shy, tiny blue ringed octopus. They like to hide under rocks in shallow tidal pools. Unlikely you will die if stung, you’ll only wish you had. Solution:wear canvas shoes if walking on the beach.

I’m an urbanite. Last time I actually saw a deadly brown snake was in a country town in which we ere living; in 1956. Can’t remember ever having seen a dangerous spider. I suspect Boris kills them. Boris is a large Huntsman who has been living in my bathroom for 25 years. He usually eats flies. We have deal; I don’t walk on his ceiling and he doesn’t walk on my floor.

I have a pool heater so the water can be “warm” (your frozen foot) :foot:


Nice. Is it enclosed?

In South Australia, a pool does not increase the value of a house. Always wanted a pool. However, decided I would only ever put one in if it was heated and was fully enclosed. Wasn’t sure how, but thought some kind of heat exchange system

Not enclosed and it’s above ground but big

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I just went to the reclamation place and bought 3 clapped out solar heaters, used the panels and a couple of rain water tanks for storage and it took the edge of the Perth winter chill nicely.

A friend of mine just put a double sheet of reinforced black plastic down on the ground and cycled water through it during the day. did the same job. Just avoids the sudden willy shrinkage 1st thing in the pool.

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